Recommended reading

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"English Ceramics" by Lydia T Pott

"Diet My Way" by Anita Derriere

"Diets Don't Work" by Hugh Jarse.

"A Vegan Lifestyle" by Herbie Vorre

"Russian Wrestling" by Nokabolokov

"The Headmaster's Revenge" by Ben Dover

"How to get rich" by Robin Banks

''The Indian Cloakroom Attendant'' by Mahatma Coat.

"Caught Short" by Willie Makit and Betty Dont

''The long bicycle ride'' by Major Bumsor

''The Expectant Bride'' by Marius Ina Hurrie

''Pain In The Rear'' by Emma Royd

''The Ghost in The Attic'' by Howey Wails

"In the Lap of Luxury" by Mollie Coddled

''Infectious Diseases'' by Willie Catchit,

"Mediaevel Battles" by Sally Forth and Chuck Spears

"Bun in the oven" by Ivor Pologised


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    number three made me chuckle :lol: thanks joan
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    Thanks for those, Del.

    One on that list for arthritics:

    ''Dull Pain'' by A. King

    Should be ''Agony'' by Ivor Pain
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    Russian infectious diseases by Ivor Nasticov .
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    Over the cliff By Hugo First
    The Broken Window by Eva Brick
    Swirling Waters by WC Chain
    The Mark on the Ceiling by Hoo Flung Dung
    The Hungry Hound by Nora Bone
    and many others not fit for the gentle folk of this Forum x:lol: x:lol: x:lol:
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    I love reading!! I read mostly auto-biographies but after watching the movie 'Twilight' I was told by someone to read the books. And now I'm after reading the 1st book Twilight and the other two I'm on to 'Breaking Dawn' which so far is amazing! Stephenie Meyer is an amazing Author and I have enjoyed reading them.
    I have a massive pile of books that I must read once I've finished Breaking Dawn, and I will be happy to review them on this thread!

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    Hi Bubbadog

    It might be better to begin a new thread for serious book reviews because this thread is more of a spoof one.

    All the best, and keep reading :!: