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hi having trouble with left eye it feels strange does not look inflamed eye lid feels swollen from inside looks normal but twitches a bit and feels odd started last week thought it would go but still here lol at docs next week so can ask her but sometimes feel daft asking he questions all the time any ideas val


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    hi Val,

    there are a few things it could be and mine do it but that doesn't mean your eyes are doing what mine do if that makes sense? i think any trouble with eyes needs checking out flower so please see the doc or if your can maybe an optician.... if it hurts get your sefl to eye casualty. hugs and tea and a bucket of hopes, Cris who is meant to be somewhere else :wink: xx
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    thanks and it is time you went am in your pocket ((())) val
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    It's difficult, isn't it? Sometimes stuff happens to us that is totally unrelated to arthritis but we are always left wondering if it's connected and should we see someone (I didn't mean that as a pun, sorry. :oops: ) I get lovely little tingles across the top lip every now and again and I end up rubbing it for a while to try and ease them. Are they caused by a side effect? Arthritis? Nerve trouble? I dunno. It goes away and I forget about it until it comes back! Eyes, however, are a different matter altogether. Is it possible to have a stye under an eye lid? How about popping into your pharmacy and asking the chemist about it? They are knowledgeable people. DD
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    Hi val

    Good idea of dd to see the pharmacist, perhaps they could help.
    If not then ask your gp when you see him next week.
    Hope the problem stops before then though,

    In the meantime don't go looking at any nice looking young men they might think you are winking at them :lol:

    juliepf x
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    Its not a silly question. Its probably not this but a couple of years ago my left eye used to go funny like that and be quite painful as well,it still does but only every so often. Went to get my eyes tested and they found I had the onset of Glaucoma so now they just keep an eye out.
    It probably isnt this but just a thought. Hope it feels better soon x
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    well get my eyes done every year because of meds think due in march my grandad had glaucoma.
    thanks for replys if it goes red or hurts will go to drop in center it easy to think everything arther connected and just put up with them lol or as dd says just think it will be side affect val
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    If it were me, I would get it checked out. It could be an ingrowing eyelash and that causes irritation - cannot remember the name for this. It is fairly common in both sexes.

    Elna x
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    Hi Val, I have problems with one eye in particular, it feels swollen, like you say and slightly irritated. Apparently my eyes are dry and this is part of the arthritis syndrome and very common with inflammatory arth. It's worth getting yours checked out to see if that is the case. It's easy to treat with drops.
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    It could be a number of things, as the others mentioned – based on experience I would get myself to eye casualty, because they will have more of an idea about eye problems and will prescribe the appropriate drugs.

    Hope it improves soon.
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    Hi Val that sounds like conjunctavitus and if it is you are going to have to go to the doctors and get some anti-biotics as it is a nasty and sore infection.
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    thanks all still not right but not painfull but at doc on monday sure she will sort me must make a list val