dislocated toe

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Anyone else got dislocated toes due to ra? I've just been to docs and was surprised to find the pain and deformity on my foot is prob down to dislocation the doc said! As a result of Arthur. I didn't know this was linked with ra has anyone else heard that?
I'm seeing rheumy tomorrow so can find out more. Just curious.


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    Ouch Millie!

    Poor you :sad:

    Hope you get some help tomorrow at the rheumy's.

    Thinking of you and your poor wee toes :???:


    Toni xx
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    I wonder if it's connected to joint damage? The rheumatologist will be the one to help on that front but I have to say ouch! No wonder it's been hurting, you poor thing. I hope something can be done to help. DD
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    It's funny isn't it I've been thinking I'm turning into a hypocondriac worrying about every ache and pain only to discover its a dislocation! Will let u know verdict from rheumy.
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    Hi Millie
    Sorry I cant help, but I just want to wish you well with the rheumy, and you are not the only one that zooms in on every pain...its Arthur he gets you that way..
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    Hi millie

    Dont know about my toes as they are funny shapes anyway but I have a dislocated Clavical :shock: (collar bone) this was pointed out by a surgeon who was supposed to be looking at my stump :shock:
    He had a couple of students in the room and was pointing out the Ra difformities I had and that was one of them.
    You can see it move every time I move my arms or shoulder. No pain though.

    Hope you are not in pain and the rhummy can help you.

    Juliepf x
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    My toes and right hand fingers are fused where they dislocated ; after years of them being in that state ; there's only pain if pressure is put on them so it's bearable , you get to know what not to do and avoid setting off the aches ! Jillyb
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    Hi Millie, I'm forever breaking or dislocating either of my toes because of my Osteoporosis! It's because I have spasams I will be sitting on my settee and bam!! I have a spasam and my toe catches the settee and crack, ouch! There goes another toe! It's easily done and I'm used to it!! My G.P knows and it's a case of trying to keep it rested until it fuses back together again. So your not alone Millie! Another accident prone one here in me!
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    Hi Millie x;)

    The third toe on right foot gave me jip years ago and I was given a shoe insert (custom made). I thought this had done the trick because after a while no more pain but the toe looked very odd. On having a foot op at the end of March this year, on looking at the xray the consultant told me that this particular toe was dislocated. I mentioned that it had been really painful. He replied when it finally dislocated that is when your pain went. :|

    I have OA by the way.

    Elna x
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    Thanks you guys. Would u mind reading my other post and let me know if u think it could be dislocation?
    Dissapointed with rheumy is the title.