One Day To Go !!

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Big day tomorrow my pre-op appt' still haven't had a date yet but the pre-op is done 4 to 6 weeks before you go in. so counting down ! excited and yet nervous at the same time


  • pinkbritishstars
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    Hope it goes well :-) xx
  • hileena111
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    Hope it all goes you want pocket dwellers for tomorrow??? :wink:

  • julie47
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    Hi wendgro

    Hope the pre ops go well tomorrow and that they send you a op date soon after.

    Take care
    Juliepf x
  • dachshund
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    Hi Wendgro.
    i will be there for you tomorrow i hope it all goes well.
    take care.
    joan xx
  • frogmorton
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    Hi wendy

    will be there for you tomorrow lass :grin: a date would be fabulous!!


    Toni xx
  • barbara12
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    Hi Wendy
    Good luck for tomorrow, sometime they will give you an appointment while you are there...
  • tonesp
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    Best of luck Wendy You will be fine
  • valval
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    right flask, buttys what else do we need ????????
    good luckh15176.gif

  • dreamdaisy
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    I wish you well, wendgro, and I hope you get an op date soon. DD
  • bubbadog
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    Good luck with the pre-op, you never know the nurse my have the op date! it's worth asking if she does. Hope everything is fine and you can go ahead.