OA & Plaquenil

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Does anyone else take Plaquenil for OA? I was prescribed it about a year & a half ago and although it works really well the side effects can be horrendous, Diarrohea etc.
It also makes me feel very tired at times, I know its not a normal medication for OA but the doctors are trialling it in ' certain' cases
any feedback would be appreciated x:idea: . x:-)


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    Hi carol

    l take it for inflammatory arthritis, but found got less upset belly by sandwiching it in the middle of my main meals. Lunch and tea. Hope that helps a bit?


    toni xx
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    I take it for RA. Always with food. Never had any side effects.
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    I normally take it first thing in the morning after breakfast and about 3 days a week I ger really bad diarrohea. Imodium makes me feel ill so I have to stay in for a couple of hours until it stops, I will try taking it later in the day. Maybe it will help.
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    i take it for inflimation arther twice a day make sure eat with it no probs with taking it val
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    I take it for RA. I had sickness & diarrhoea in the first wk of taking it for 3 consecutive days. Not had any more problems since. I started taking it from sometime in September 2011. Oh I take it 200mg twice a day usually after a meal or with food.

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    Hi do you not take a stomach protector?
    I take ages to get used to meds....didn't think the hydroxy was doing much so I stopped it for a few weeks ...then a bad flare forced me to try again and bingo it worked like a dream...my energy levels have been the best for a good few years....it does take time to notice it.
    Best wishes
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    I take omiprazole for my stomach every day 40mg. I have been taking Hydroxychloroquine for 18 months now and since day 1 I have been getting diarrohea 3 or 4 days a week. It really works for me but the side effects are driving me mad.
    I am now going to try codeine for a while instead of Tramadol to see if it helps.
    I will keep u posted.,