The B.B.C. move up north (SALFORD )

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It must be a big blow moving from London to the North West of England, and many of the B.B.C. staff have been kicking and screaming about it.
But wait..... here's a few things to soften the heartache.
Say you have a house in Putney worth £750.000, after the move, you buy a much better house in Wilmslow / Prestbury for £500.000, pocket the £250.000, and Bobs your uncle.
You then get furnishing costs thrown in curtains- no problem, £1000,
carpets £3.000, etc, etc.
All of a sudden it doesn't seem too bad oooooop north. Alanthemanc


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    Hi Alan
    My niece has just moved with them, and she is thrilled to bits to be back up north...she only moved down south because of the she is back home has she says...
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    Surely with so many staff moving, house prices will be affected which will have a ripple effect for many miles around? Apart from the influx of different dialects. :mrgreen:
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    makes sence it very expensive down there and over crowded makes you wonder why parliment does not move closer to center of country so they all have same distance to go to get there would make more jobs in the midlands val
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    Quite right, send all the bloomin politicians up north, as far as you care to send them! Far to crowded down in the south the northerners can have them for a change.
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    The sun rising over Moss Side, the magnificent views over the blackened waters of the Ship Canal to the inspired industrial dereliction of Trafford Park, the romance of the rusting hulks rotting in the disused berths of Manchester Dry Docks; the tumble weed bouncing gently over the disused rail lines, the charm of the local youths with their cheeky irrepressible call to "Mind your car mate". Surely this is the quintessence of Post Modern Britain that no creative can ignore! "All human Life is here"- Orwell's vision brought to your door within the safety of a sanitised protective steel and glass bubble. What more could the BBC chaps want to get the creative juices flowing faster than the The River Irwell after a West Pennine downpour :?: :lol: