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Hello everyone .
I was diagnosed with arthritis yesterday 28/11/2011. It was the confirmation that i needed . I'd known all along . I'm now waiting to see a rheumatologist . Why do i need to see one of those i ask myself.
Well it's great to be on here .
Talk to you all soon x:lol:


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    Hi Smokie x;)

    Welcome to the forum. :smile: I am sorry that you have been diagnosed with arthritis. As you say, at least you have had confirmation. As you shall be seeing a rheumy do you have RA? If so a Rheumy will be much more knowledgeable than your gp in how to treat your symptoms. You are usually given the name of a rheumy nurse too that you can call inbetween rheumy appointments should you need to do so. I have OA but have read what other forum members do when diagnosed with RA.

    Why not post on the Living with Arthritis forum? More people hang out there as well as the ChitChat zone. This is more of an introductory forum so peeps do not look in here quite so often.

    Look forward to seeing you name around the forum, x;)

    Elna x
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    hi welcome any of the inflimation type arthers you are better off with rhummy they better at treating than most gps good luck will look out for you on forums just join in when you feel like it val