amitriptyline( anti depressant) for pain?

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hi, i have been to my doc because i have had a real struggle recently and he has added amitriptyline to make me rattle even more :lol: He says im not depressed but it is very good for chronic pain and should hopefully be life changing for me ( for the time being). does anyone else have experience of this


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    hi i know some of them have but i can not help you i do hope it goes ok let me know if it any good and how it affects you please val
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    From my reading on here I know that quite a few people are on this and the general consensus is that it is best to take it between 7 and 8pm so that a good night's sleep is had, but then one is not left feeling too groggy in the morning. My rheumatologist recently advised me to remain on Citalopram (an anti -depressant) to help with pain relief but I don't know if it is in quite the same league as amitryp. I hope it helps, do let us know how you get on with it. DD
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    hi there, I had amitriptyline in a very low dose (10-20mg) for pain. It was very effective at the time. In low doses it doesn't have an antidepressant effect but does help you sleep and is great for pain. I used to just take it about an hour before my normal bedtime, otherwise I was tired all evening.
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    HI Melrymax

    I was put onto Amitriptyline in October when diagnosed with Fibromyalgia secondary to my Rheumatoid arthritis.

    I was on 10mg for 2 weeks and then it was upped to 20mg, which I've been taking for roughly 6 weeks now. In addition to this I also already take the max dose of another anti-depressant in the same group - I hadn't realised that it was also helping with the pain!

    At first I found it tough going, as the first few days I had the terrible 'hungover' feeling in the morning. However, I've worked out the best time for me is between 8.30 -9.30 depending on what I'm doing that day and the next. If I was having to get up early for work I'd need to take it much earlier in the evening. It's been a bit of trial and error till I've got used to it and worked out how to make it work for me.

    I think it has started to help, mainly in that I'm getting a better type of sleep than I was before. I do still wake up, but for me it's the getting to sleep in the first place, and the getting back to sleep after I've woken that has improved.

    I'd encourage you to talk things over with your GP and your pharmacist to work out the best way of taking yours - we're all different and what works for me won't necessarily work for you.

    Good luck - it's got to be worth a try!

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    Hi Mel

    I was on amitript for just over one year but am off it now, my choice. I was on 25mgs nightly. What dosage has your gp prescribed? This little pill is prescribed for quite a few different symptoms. It was prescribed for me for IBS D. I am fine now - a wonder pill for sorting me out, anyway!!I was told it slows the body down so I did sleep better too. I did get a dry mouth from the drug but am prone to that and dry eyes every so often. Mouth not so dry now that I no longer take them. I do not feel groggy in the mornings anymore either. Even though I took them early the evening before I still felt whoosy in the mornings but that is my reaction to them. We are all different.

    Elna x
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    Hi, amitriptyline is often prescribed in low dosages for restless legs syndrome, and to relief nerve pain. I, myself, have been put on a low dose of Nortripyline, which, I'm told, does the same thing but "fewer side effects" (my doctor's words). I've only been on Nortripyline for less than two weeks so it's too early to judge what effect it's going have on me ... a good one I hope.

    Good luck
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    My consultant decided o put me on Amitriptyline to help me to sleep he told me that it helps to relax the muscles around the joints to reduce the pain I dont take them every night but when I do I still wake up through out the night and still feel in pain especially when I turn over in bed the pain is that bad that I often fell like crying (but I dont).

    I hope that they work better for you

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    Hi Jules

    I think you may well find Amitriptyline works more effectively if taken regularly rather than as and when.

    Elna x
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    I take it too Meryl

    25mg at night and take it no later than 8 pm. It never makes me drowsy after the first time when l took it as l got into bed and....nuffin happend. the next day l was shattered till anout 2pm!!

    Elna had it for IBS and my GP said it will and l think has helped me as a migraine preventer too! Two birds one stone eh? x;)

    Oh yes Elna is also right about taking it regularly


    Toni xx
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    Hi Mel, I have Amitriptyline to help me sleep, I have 4 10mg tabs a night. They do make me groggy in the morning, but to get a better nights sleep it's worth it! Hope they work for your pain, please keep us informed how you get on with them. Will be very interesting to hear how you feel with them and if they effect you with the side effects.

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    I think it is a great help, although I have increased in dose up to 100/110mg a night. I still wake up through the night occasionally, but manage to get back to sleep unless it is a bad flare up. Spoke to my occ health doc at work about it and he said that it is ok to take long term and I still have scope to increase. :smile:
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    wow thanks for all your replies!! i am really liking the idea that it may reduce migrains as they are a huge pain in the **** lol.

    atm i am on 10mg once a night, ib 2 weeks i need to up it to two a night then a couple of weeks after that up it to three.

    i was on noghts for my first dose and took it anyway, with the side effects i was too scared to take my tramadol along side it when in work, and just aswell as i was in theatre alot of the night and that alone can send you asleep sometimes lol ( i do NOT sleep in theatre btw)

    i really do hope i get some good releif from them fingers crossed :) x:lol:
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    Iv'e been taking Amitriptyline for about 3 years, and it is mostly used for sleeping purposes. The longer you take them, the less effect the drug has. The first time I used them, a bomb could have dropped on the house, and I wouldn't have woke up.... less so now.
    In conclusion, I would use them because the possitives outweigh the negatives, good luck. Alanthemanc
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    I'm on Amitriptyline for pain and sleeping. I've been on it for over a year, the dose I have, 40mg is a lot smaller than if its being used as an antidepressant, but my GP said that amitiptyline is an old drug and not used much for depression any more as the new drugs are better!

    Love Sue x:-?
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    another amytrip taker, 50mg, up to 75mg if needed. They help with neuropathic pain. I also take such a cocktail of other drugs I would never know which one was making me dopey during the day, c'est la vie. :roll: My Consultant said, "I don't know how you can even stand up, the drugs you need and take, would floor Mr average." :shock:
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    bubbles wrote:
    I also take such a cocktail of other drugs I would never know which one was making me dopey during the day, c'est la vie. :roll: My Consultant said, "I don't know how you can even stand up, the drugs you need and take, would floor Mr average." :shock:

    That made me giggle but is so true. :) I had an excellent sleep last night but also had tramadol and cocodamol throughout the day. One of the docs in work was asking me how I can manage a night shift on tramadol and cocodamol never mind the amitrip lol.

    I think we just build up a tolerance where our body is used to it then eventually it is not enough for us. For years paracetamol has been as useful as a chocolate fire guard :lol:
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    Hi Mel
    The others have said it all really, I take 25mg just to ease the bones in bed, and it really does help...wishing you well with it x
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    Amitriptyline is used as a pain blocker to the brain, also an anti depressent and a sleeping tablet. The different doses are for the difference in reason.

    Hopefully this medication helps soon for you.

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    I take 150 mg each and everynight... offers a little relief, but if i have a paddy and decide i hate taking all this stuff and stop taking for the night then the pains are horrendous!, hope it works for you xx