I have been AWOL

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Just letting you all know i hadn't deserted ! i have had laptop trouble so not been able to get on .

Now i have another 1 i am back :grin:

just got the long process of trying to catch up with everything! :eek:

Hope everyone is as well as they can be and looking forward to Christmas! x;)

Rose xx


  • frogmorton
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    How very dare you!!!

    Brilliant to see you back Rose l have missed you :grin:

    Come on....... word association

    Love and hugs

    Toni xx
  • valval
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    welcome back wondered where you had got to val
  • bubbles
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    nice to see you Rose - Christmas - best start thinking about it... x:roll:
  • julie47
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    Hi Rose

    welcome back

    Christmas....all sorted :grin: x:-D
  • caterina57
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    Me Too! I have a laptop that chooses when to work and can't afford another! so will have to just keep popping in when it lets me!

    Welcome back
  • dreamdaisy
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    I've been wondering where you both were, despite the dodgy 'puters I hope all is as well as it can be with the pair of you, it's lovely to see your names again. DD
  • roses1
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    Awww thanx Toni,Val,Bubbles,Julie,Cath and DD :grin:

    I hope you too are as well as can be and are getting into the festive spirit? not too much tho x;)
    I have been pretty much the same, as you all know some days are better than others :roll:
    Had a good time last weekend went to see my son who is at Bristol uni :grin: it was wonderful to see him again :grin: He also gave me his old laptop :wink:

    The tree is up x:-D now just the rest of it like you Bubbles best start thinking!

    Rose x