Update on daughter.

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Hello everybody,
Fantastic doctor...explained in full,answered questions really good.
I'm not really surprised...I knew something was going on just didn't know what.
More blood tests on the way.He gave her loads of info.
Shes a bit freaked out....but I've told her that although the info is good it doesn't mean she will or has got all symptons.
He wants her to have another xray...but not for 2-3 months because of the radiation.
Also physio....but our waiting list is long,so he is going to send her somewhere else and refer her to rheumy.
I'm pleased I went with her.
So...you lovely folk will have another poster shortly....she might lurk for a while but will definately join.
Now I'm still waiting....and still can't put my foot on the ground or for that matter can't get my shoe on....had OH's slipper on to go out.
It's getting really cold...here up north...so take care everyone.
You are my cyber ears....I need you. May


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    sounds like it was a good appointment i know her head will be spinning but we are here when she is ready val
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    Well at least you both know now, and I am sure she will get her head round it in time. It isn't the end of the world, it just feels like it (that's enough to deal with though) and we can all empathise with that. You rest up now May, please, your week is not over yet. I wish you both well. DD
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    Thanks DD,
    I'm absolutely shattered....physically and mentally.
    I know...still got sister on Friday. Will hope can have an easy day tomorrow...nothing planned up to now.
    I got a few funny looks in hubbys slipper but to be honest I'm past caring.
    Val...She will come here when she's ready of that I am sure.
    Don't know why this post is on twice and have no idea how to get it off.
    Feet up now....just had spag bog. Lovely but don't know how John made it..better than mine. Take care May
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    Dear May

    l do hope your Daughter will join the forum....we will make her so welcome and we do have a fair few nice folks on here with AS don't we?

    (If you are peeking in Kelerman's daughter - HELLO!)

    Hope you feel a bit better yourself though soon.

    Hoping for Friday for your Sis' operation.

    Love and hugs

    Toni xx