dissapointed with rheumy today

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Had my third appt today with rheumy and previously found him very good.
Today I felt he just ticked the box yes that I feel better from starting hydroxychloroquine so job done.
Yesterday I saw my gp who thought I had dislocated my little toe as I've had lots of pain there and the 3 smallest toes have moved in and a large lump on the outside of my foot. The rheumy today barely looked at the foot and dismissed it saying I wouldn't be able to walk if it was dislocated. He said its a nodule. I told him it hurts he said yes that's the arthritis. After this I was thrown and forgot to ask all the other questions I had.
I think I just caught him on a bad day. I tried to explain that I can't differentiate between arthritis and other pain and he said with arthritis there will be swelling. I said but I've never had swelling despite being crippled with pain. He said listen your blood and everything point to ra your anti ccf shows the value is very high and your prognosis is not good you may feel ok now but I can't promise it'll be the same story within a year.

I came away kicking myself for not getting what I wanted out of the appt. Which was to find out about the diagnosis and to request a podiatrist referral as I suffer in my feet a lot have a corn and now this deformity and I want to prevent anymore damage to them.

Phew! I feel better already.

I won't rush to change rheumy cos I know he has a good rep and did find previous 2 appts went well. Maybe I started all wrong.


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    Oh dear. These things do happen and I am sorry that happened for you today. We go in with expectations and questions and it takes guts to say to the professional with the all the knowledge (or so we hope) 'Hang on, that is NOT good enough, I need some proper answers and these are my questions.'

    I am out on my feet and have to go now but I will try to answer a little better tomorrow, I promise. Don't beat yourself up about this, this was categorically NOT your fault. DD
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    It's really annoying when you get thrown off course like that. My rheumy was dismissive at one of my appointments but then rang me up a few weeks later when I was in a crisis and couldn't have been more helpful. I guess they do have off days like all of us. If you want more questions answered, there is no reason why you can't write to him.
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    will keep this short having trouble with my eyes
    sorry it all went wrong next time make a list you can always give it to him phone his secutery and ask if they can arrange the refural tell her you never got chance to ask him might work can not hurt val
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    I think we forget that these people do have lives outside there jobs.
    No excuse I know....maybe he'd had a row with his wife!!!!
    As he was good last time stick with him.....it's all been said above...write...ring..I hope you get sorted. May
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    Hi Millie

    Don't really know what to say except, I hope next time you go he is in a better mood.

    Hugs ((((((())))))

    Juliepf x
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    So you don't forget write a list of things to ask, It might look odd but at i seldom forget then.
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    Hi Millie
    I do know what you mean,most of us have done this...gone in with all the intentions of having our say...then it doesn't go to plan...and yeah you come out fuming with yourself...these appointments are so hit and miss...I have had a few misses lately.
    I do wish you well with everything...
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    Oh Millie

    poor you you ahve been left feeling frustrated for sure after that.

    Seriously you need to get your GP to refer you to podiatry to help your toes - maybe even the GP might arrange you an Xray as well?

    Don't be disheartened....he is a good rheumy as you say and next time you will be ready and prepared for your appointment :smile: .

    Love and hugs

    Toni xx
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    Millie I just wanted to add my support and say try to put it down as a bad day and put it behind you, hopefully next appointment will be better. I sometimes write things down and bring my little list of questions in with me when I go to see the consultant, that way nothing is forgotten even if he says something which throws me. Try to hold on there and if the pain is bad at the moment, take some more painkillers and rest as much as you can. I do so hope you feel better soon. Big hugs, Rita.
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    thank you all for the kind words it really helps to sound off to people who understand. Not :oops: sure I should admit this but I did take a list with me!
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    Awww millie, i know how you feel, i had a rotten app and when they are so offhand with you it just throws you and you even forget to look at your list :oops: at least YOU will have another appointment and can be ready with Q in hand :grin:

    Gp should be able to do referrals for you.

    Rose x