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Hello, I am a new member to the forum, I have had fibromyaliga for over 8 years and have recently had a MRI on my knee that has shown i have the following

cartildage thinning and irregularity of the medial patellar facet with bony signal change.

mild cartilage thinning is also seen in the medial femoral condyle with a little bony oedema of the promimal tibia

there is a small joint effusion and a small amount of loculated fluid in the popliteal and semimebranosus bursae

I also have a tear in the mensicus

I am due to see a consultant about the MRI and what options for treatment will be available. I am confused if this MRI also means i have arthritis as well as Fibromyaliga. My mobility has reduced in the last 6 months, i am finding it increasing difficult to walk and i feel pain in my hips, lower back and knees. The pain from my knees are keeping me awake at night, I am currently off work sick until i see the consultant

My employers are concerned about my mobility being safe and also the muscle fatigue from walking. I get a taxi to work and back. I also suffer from BVVP (vertigo) that i take medication for, but an attack can come without warning

I have to be mobile round the office to get a drink, buy lunch, go on breaks, using the printer/photocopier and obviously i have to move some parts of the day for meetings, referring to colleague

I already use a walking stick

I would welcome any suggestions or ideas


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    A meniscus tear is very painful. I have had it and could not walk for a year. Work did not help either as they would not make adjustments for me. My knee was swollen so much that they could not determine what it was even with a MRI scan they could however tell that no bone was broken.

    Consultant said that they would do a washout on my knee keyhole surgery but I said not I wanted to do exercise to get my knee back working again, which happened eventually.

    Your employer has to make adjustments for you and also asked them to send you to their OH advisor. Also I expect you fall within the Equality Act 2010.

    What kind of work do you do is it a sitting down or standing, you could also ask Access to Work to do an assessment for you.
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    Hi Emily, thanks for your reply

    Do you not recommend the surgery? I wondered if that might be an option for me, though it will not solve my mobility problems because i have had problems for the last 8 years, it has just started to get too much for me over the last 12 months.

    I have been classed as disabled for the last 8 years. I hadn't thought about Access to work coming and do a new assessment, i will contact them and request one. Thanks for the reminder

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    I had damage to my medial meniscus (cartilage to the layman). I had a cartilage transplant (ACL procedure) done in 2004 but all I got out of that was scar tissue as it didn't work on me.

    Regarding wash outs they can either help dramatically or not at all. My brother had a knee wash out, as did my nephew and both benefitted from them. I've had several and they didn't last.

    However, what fails on one will generate spectacular results on another.

    Talk it over further with the consultant. If you have the wash out be prepared to take 2 weeks off sick. The general advice is you can return to driving once you can do an emergency stop - each time it took me 3 weeks to return to driving and at least 2 weeks off work each time. Everyone heals at different rates so if you have this done listen to your body and take note of what it's telling you.

    Good luck for your forthcoming appt. Take a list of questions with you.

    Let us know how you get on. If you want further info on the cartilage transplant PM me.

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    Thanks for your comments Grace. I will have a chat with the consultant and see what options are available to me. My other knee has pain and grating as well, so i presume that the cartlidge is worn away in that knee as well...I have bakers cysts on both knees which makes standing and walking very difficult.

    I am sorry to hear the treatment didnt work for you, but pleased that it worked for other family members.

    will keep you posted


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