Hello finally brave enough to join you.

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Hello everyone, I hope I am posting this is the right place?

I have been looking in for a while and you are such a lovely caring group I felt it time to say hello.

My name is Carol and I have been struggling for a while with what my GP says is arthritis in my hip. I am waiting for an x ray and appointment with the Consultant and am really not sure what to expect? I am 51 and she says too young for a replacement just yet. I still work for a preschool but am finding it so difficult to get down to the childrens level and get back up again!! I am taking Naproxen and cocodomal but am scared of what the future may hold. It has been helpful to see some of the other comments on this forum and to know I am not quite so alone.

Hope to speak to others who have similar problems.
take care


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    Hello aicha

    sorry to hear you are struggling, my initial diagnosis back in 2005 was early O/A in both hips. In my case it flared up and was bad for 18 months when i had to use crutches, but lifestyle changes helped i no longer need the crutches for my hips. I too was young 42.... and still needed to work and have 2 children, i dont drive and walked everywhere LOL so i learnt Not to overdo the walking.

    I'm hoping like me you will have good days/weeks/months when you can tolerate the pain....when its more of a nag.... Have a word with your head teacher, maybe suggestions can be made to enable you to adapt your workspace to help

    Things always seem worse when first diagnosed, but they can get better...

    hugs from Sylvie