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Hello to everyone. I was told about this Forum a while ago, and have read it on and off for some time. I have Osteo arthritis in several joints, but its my lower back, and my right ankle that are giving me the most trouble. When I first saw my GP she did tell me that re-placement surgery is available for the ankle but didn`t take it any further. Just doled out more tablets. I haven`t even had an X Ray, to find out how bad it is. I`m wondering if she has decided that I`m too young, like so many others are being told. At the moment I am finding it very difficult to even walk.


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    Hi Caleta
    Glad you have stopped 'lurking' and joined us.As you have seen we are a very supportive crowd here on the forum and have a wealth of knowledge gained from experience.
    I have had RA for several years and OA/RA in the ankle and like yourself found it difficult to even walk,each step was very painful........ :sad:
    In June this year I had ankle replacement surgery (have posted numerous times) and it has transformed my life.I have more mobility now than for a long time............ x:-)
    If you want any info please contact,most post on the LWA forum.
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    Hi Caleta and welcome to the forum. I amhaving a confusing time diagnosis wise myself at the moemnt. However I do know how painful and limiting having arfur is.

    People on here have had replacements at all ages, so don't be fobbed off. Ask for an x ray then a referral to ortho if necessary.

    Take care