having RA since i was 10 years old

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hello i'm new here :smile: i joined this forum to be in contact with young people having RA and to share my experience + i'd like to have some opinions on my case..
i was diagnosed with RA since i was 10 years old , i almost tried everything..first the disease was very severe with night fevers, lots of pain and swelling in hands and knees.along the years , it has decreased ,however , new symptoms and joints were affected until i had my both hips replaced last year after not being able to walk from the pain i had in them..after the surgery i had a big relief in both of my hips, however my shoulders and hands joints are now becoming severely affected, and the bad thing is that i'm only taking prednison with a dosage of 5mg/day with many supplements . i stopped visiting my doctor since last year because i was kind of depressed and i gave up any other predicament because along the years i tried many of them like remicade methotrexate( they hadn't any effect) also i tried ARAVA( it was the best thing i had for about 1 and a half year with no pain and no need of cortisone at all , until suddenly i was severely allergic to it and had liver failure which lead almost to my death). after that, i tried Humira( with no effect) and then lately i tried ACTEMRA( in which i was also allergic)...
that's my story... kind of depressing i know :lol: but am still alive :grin: my disease is stable now with need for pain killers 3 days/week , but my big concern is about what will happen if i kept taking only prednisone with no other drug , i know the answer wouldn't be very pleasant , especially that i am planning to get married next year and with all this hands pain and don't how it will all be going ...
Any thoughts or advices?
has anyone tried ARAVA and had a similar reaction and then retook it ? ..i am asking because i really miss it :lol: it worked like magic for me for almost 2 years but.. :cry:


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    heya i just joined and i know how you feel i was diagnosed at 15 with RA and it caused problems during my GCSE's and i am begining to get pain in my hips aswell. my pain started in my wrist and now i cannot move it so i am restricted with sports ect and now my ankles are starting and i may need surgery in them .i am taking methotrexate for mine and it works very well. just remeber your not alone in this no matter how yound and i hope your doing okay
    elisha xxxxxx
    live life to the full and done let anything bring you down!!!!