spinal arthritis

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hi my name is joy and im new to the forum,, i have just been diagnosed with spinal arthritis,, I am now under to different consultants to see if there is anything they can do to alleviate the pain i'm in.. i have been told i may have to give my job, as the pain gets to bad to drive or do any of the normal day-to day activites.. any suggestions would be gratefully received
thanks joy


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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I would ask for a referral to physio and the pain clinic. Both will be able to assess your condition and offer practical help.

    You can also ring the helplines for more info and support.
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    Hi Joy

    welcome to the forums from me.

    You dont say which form of arthritis you have in your back, but l woudl like to offer my support as someone who had had back surgery in the past due to degeneration of the vertebrae and a wee fracture.

    If you are anywhere near please say hello to Sudbury for me x;)


    Toni xx
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    Hi there... I've just been diagnosed with spinal arthritis and although it has gotten worse over the last few years I'm now trying to manage the pain as best I can.. I have found the tens machine helps and was told about manuka hunny ... and looked on the net for exersises on neck arthritis and back.. they are helping a little.. allthough when I have busy day the only thing that helps is rest in bed for few hours.. I asked dr to refur me to local cronic pain managment and am waiting to hear... as I know taking pain killers is a worry.. (I was even given morphine patches) but am now trying to manage with minimal tablets etc... So good luck and try to keep smiling as there is lots of us in the same boat and your not alone.. best wishes ... Chrisie x