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I would like to finaly say HELLO to everyone.I've been lurking but have called the helpline so now I've decided to introduce myself to this wonderful forum and people.

I am 36 single mum to 3 kids.I've suffered with back problem for over 6 years. The pain would come and go away. In june it started again and I ignored it as usual. On sunday 14/8 I went to bed,monday 15/8, I could not get out of bed. It took over 2 weeks for me to be able to go shuffle to GP who just me I pulled a muscle,ibuprofen and on my way she sent me. The pain got worse with pin feeling and muscle spasm in the legs. Tiredness,pain in almost all joints and stiff always painful lower back.Hands started swelling.
Another GP sent me for blood tests which showed inflammation and prescribed diclofenac,co-dydramol 10/500,prednisolone and lansoprazole. They are not helping me. I am now housebound,can't do anything as even putting foot down is pain in the hips as if bone is moving.I creak everywhere,stiff ,in tears almost all the time.Helpless my daugther is looking after me and my youngest son who has his own medical problems.
I've been to the rheumatology 9/11 and he gave me depo-something injection,xray and blood test and told to go back in 5/12. No diagnosis or maybe nothing. I have now been told to go back 3/1/12.
Do you think they've seen something? I wonder.

I'm sorry for the rumbling. x:oops: Thank you in advance for reading.


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    Hello to you too, Duvarayi. I’m glad you decided to ‘lurk no more’ and, instead, join us. It’s a forum no-one wants to have to join but most are glad they did as arthritis can be a difficult disease to live with and the company on here is good.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what, if anything, your rheumatologist has seen. Presumably something that will give a clue as to what type of arthritis you have. It can be hard to diagnose. I’m sorry also that none of the current meds seem to be helping. Did the depo do anything? Sometimes there’s a bit of trial and error before the med that does it for any particular individual can be found. Meanwhile, if you are only on a low dose of prednisolone, your GP might be willing to increase it. In any case, it might be worth going back to him as there are other anti-inflammatories if diclofenac doesn’t work for you. Please feel free to join in on any other threads or ask your own questions.
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    Hi and welcome from me too..
    Glad you have joined us and hopefully we may be able to help with some of them emotions and questions going round in your head..
    In the early days of going to docs, consultants etc it can be a very daunting,scary and lengthy process, you may feel like nothing is coming together but in time hopefully it will and you will get some answers and some relief from pain..As there are so many different conditions that involve joints,inflammation etc it can take a while to find out what is going on and trying to find the right medications to help.The3 good thing is the ball is rolling and not too long till you see rheumy who will be able to answer more of your questions, in the meantime we are here to help and support you the best we can..x
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    Dear Duvarayi

    very pleased to meet you.

    Sorry about your back though l really am. I too have had back problems and like yourself over the years it has 'come and gone'. Finally though about 8 years ago it came and didn't go much like you.

    This time l lost the entire feeling in one of my legs. Following an MRI scan l had surgery.

    I am glad for you that your appointment has been brought forwards and hope you get some answers and some treatment for your back.

    Keep posting in the mean time the folks on here will do their best to keep you going until then.

    Toni xx
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    Thank you very much stickywicket,Tracy and Tony.

    I hope you won't mind when I start crying out to you. I am living with pain I don't know how to control and it's driving me mad. I will post in LWA.
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    Please do, Duvarai. We'll look forward to seeing you around.