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NHS Ill Health Retirement Pension news

janie68janie68 Posts: 1,186
Some may remember that I recently applied for my ill health retirement pension. I am going thorugh final review based on my sickness and RA. Well I got a letter yesterday. I have been successful and I will recieve tier 2, whcih is the better enhanced tier.

I am so relieved, it means I don't have to worry too much now. It is ATOS who decide, yes I was worried, very worried, but it is based on different criteria than that of ESA. However, I will still apply for ESA, when the time comes and it'll be interesting to see what the outcome is!

For those who are going through or thinking about applying, gather as much evidence as possible. Your consultant report should state that you are permantely incapable of work, NHs job or otherwise.

It is based on blanace of probability, sorry spelling now gone!



  • lulululululu Posts: 486
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi Janie
    I am just about three months ahead of you. My 13weeks isup next week so will be interesting to see which group ATOS in their wisdom have decided to put me in. One thing I know is I could not manage one day at work. I hope I dont have to fight to prove anything to them as I just feel like acepting whatever which goes against the grain.
  • amboriticamboritic Posts: 66
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Well done on getting your IHR.

    I was also successful but got Tier 1. But it stated that this was appealable for two years.

    I assume they are taking the view that I may get some other form of employment. After all the jobs market is full of jobs for retired members of the Emergency Services whose entire skill set is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    That is another fight to look forward to I supose.

    If anybody knows what "a job of like duration" is then my Trusts Pensions Officer would like to know!
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    My wife was dismissed from her NHS position yesterday after being off work for 14 months on ill health grounds. She has applied for Ill Health Retirement but at yesterdays meeting was informed that the form was still in the hands of Occupational Health as they were waiting for the consultants report.

    She spoke to her consultant last week who apologised for not replying to any of the mail he had received regarding her health. He basically asked what she wanted to be put onto the form but stated that he could not say that she could never work again because furture treatments may work. She is seeing him on Monday so that he can assess her and hopefully complete the forms. Would it be worth her while applying for Tier 2 and would anybody know how long the process will take to complete from this stage?
  • amboriticamboritic Posts: 66
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    That appears to be the way the NHS does it these days. I think they may be hoping the person doesn't read up on the pension properly as after dissmissal you are not able to apply for a tier 1 retirement. Only tier 2. And that is harder to qualify for.

    I recently applied for the allowance for being injured or ill due to your job.

    This was refused as apparebtly the most physical job in the NHS has not had anything to do with eithr my osteoarthritis or RA.

    Funny that since where I have osteo is very likely due to my previous job and one of the possible causes of RA is physical/mental or emotional stress

    You need to make sure all your forms are in. My GP gave me a letter in support of my IHR and it all boiled down to only Occy Health Dr not being sure.

    The more reports and evidence you have on your side makes it more likely that IHR will be successful.

    My IHR was given within a week of my OH Dr handing in his report.
  • amboriticamboritic Posts: 66
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Sorry forgot to mention. You have no choice as far as what "tier" you get.

    But it is very rare for somebody to get tier 1 straight away from what I have read.

    If you give us an idea of what your wife sufffers with and how it affects her may help those that have been through IHR giving some more assistance.

    For example if your wife could still work in an office or similar then tier 1 is more likely.

    I have been assessed as tier 1 with no right to appeal this for two years. This is to allow my condition to develop and for them to see if I really am.unable to do another job.
  • janie68janie68 Posts: 1,186
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    In my case, I can only speak what happened to me. I had a consultant report that clearly stated twice that I can no longer work in any capacity at all. I think this statement from the consultant enabled me to get tier 2. From my letter from NHS Pensions, you are assessed by :-

    Requirements for tier 1 first. Met or unmet. If met, then they see if you are eligible for tier 2. You get the picture. You cannot choose as Ambi says, which tier you apply for.

    The consultant needs to paint the blackest picture possible in relation to work. It also needs to state permanently incapable of work if to be successful. Though the consultant of course needs to be in agreement of this statement in your wife's case.
    Once I saw the Oh doctor, my application letter came through within 20 days. Yes I was counting & at the door when the postman arrived!

    Consultant report needs to be comprehensive in history, treatment, etc

    The application evidence is tested on the basis of probability. I have tried 4 anti-tnfs and they have all failed, so on that basis and the deterioation of my health etc, it was seen that I would not get better even with treatment that helped.

    Any questions, feel free to pm me

  • edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Thank you for the replies.

    Her job involved travelling to see patients in their own homes and aswel as at Units and or A&E.
    She has RA and her problems include not being able to move her neck properly due to neck and shoulder pain, lifting her arms, walking any sort of distances, sitting comfortably etc etc. She also suffers from extreme fatigue. Any sort of activity such a minor chores around the house leads her to being even more immobile for a few days afterwards and retraining or redeployment has been dismissed as an option as she is still in no way fit for work.
    She is at the end of her second test period of Anti TNF after the first was stopped due to side effects. At the moment swelling has reduced in her fingers and toes but this aside there has been no real change in her pain and suffering. Her consultant did state that part of the reason for the delay was that he had to collate the four years of records at two hospitals that he has on her since her initial diagnosis. Her own GP stated that she should forget about work and concentrate only on trying to manage her symptoms.
  • amboriticamboritic Posts: 66
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    As your wife is, i assume, some form of clincian then I think tier 1 is very likely to be obtainable.

    I do know that my fatigue issues where not given much weight overall.

    Again a lot of my issues were caused by the medications and from what you have said I think the same may apply to your wife.

    The issue is that as there are different medications that can be used then until all treatment options are exhausted then I think tier 2 is unlikely.

    My situation as I have mentioned is they gave tier 1 but after 2 yrs I can get this looked at to perhaps move to.tier 2.

    One thing I think needs to be remembered though is that it is employment similar to your NHS employment. In other words if you worked full time then if you are unable to work full time then I think everybody should get tier 2.

    I suspect that cost saving may be the cause of many delays in getting tier2.

    Though in my case it was only going to be another six or seven yrs pension so I am happy to give it two years then appeal.

    Hope your wife gets what she is entitled to though.

    From my research middle managers seem to have less trouble getting IHR retirement than clinical staff. Go figure.
  • edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Just an update on my wifes claim for ill health retirement.

    Her consultant finally completed his report reagrding her RA at the end of February. This was requested by her OH department last October but even this could be seen as being quite quick compared to the 9 months it took him to respond to an insurance company request. She has also now seen an OH doctor and the claim form should now be completed and sent off for a decision. We have been told that it could take upto two months before we here of the result of the claim.
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