What right's do I have?

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Ive been off sick for about 2 1/2 months due to fusion surgery. I went back 2 weekends ago (only a weekend job) and discussed with my manager that because I had one weekend of holiday left, I would do 2 weekends of 1 day. Well last week, he asked me to work Saturday instead of Sunday as other people were off, so that is what I did. I was meant to start at 7am on Sunday, but when my Mum went in to the shop at 10am, my boss went up to my Mum and asked where I was as I was meant to be in.
She explained everything but he 'seemed to of forgotten' about everything.

I feel that he wont now put the 2 days I had off as holiday, instead he will put it down as off with no pay. I know it is only 2 days but due to being off sick I am very short of money now.

There are many other things that 'he has forgotten' about as well and it is rather annoying. I was meant to see someone from head office due to been off sick for so long, he is meant to help me be able to do my job well, but again, 'he has forgotten'!!

Should I write a letter to him explaining everything or should I go straight to head office. I am sorry to say but my boss is very two faced and I just feel I wont get any thing sorted with him.

Thank you.


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    It's probably best to wait and see whether he pays you correctly before writing to head office.

    While you're here though:
    How many days holiday entitlement do you get each year?
    What is the normal workplace procedure for booking holidays? (i.e. filling in a form or just sorting it out verbally with the manager)