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well its near the big momment , just writing to let you know that I have booked my driving test for the 16th January 2012 at 1.50pm lets hope I will be on that road soon . just now my arm that I use the push and pull with is playing me up ( feel like cutting the arm off) but that would be silly . I HOPE THAT EVERYONE HAS A LOVELY CHRISTMAS AND A PAINFREE YEAR . x;) x:-P x:-D x:-D x:-) x:-) x:-)
ALL the best
mike r * Hazel *mike jr


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    mike there are a few people banned who would wish you well so if you do not get many replies that is why
    good luck i hope it goes well val
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    I wish you well Mike, and wouldn't it be great if you could pass the test not only for you but also Hazel and Mike Jnr? My fingers are crossed and I hope it happens this time around. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas, a good New Year and a far better 2012. You take care now, you hear? DD
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    Will have everything crossed for you on the 16th , Mike , have a wonderful christmas . Jillyb
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    Hi Mike Hazel and Mike jr
    i wish you a merry christmas and a healthy 2012
    good luck with the test i will be willing you to pass.
    take care all.
    joan xx x:-D
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    Happy Christmas to you and your family Mike...and I will be thinking about you in January ...dont forget you can do it xx
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    Come on Mike, hold it together for 30 mins, and Bobs your uncle. I can see you doing it this time because you know what to expect...... result Alanthemanc
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    Happy Christmas, Mike, and the best of luck for the New Year and especially the 16th Jan. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. th_fingers_crossed.gif

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    The very breast of duck for the 16th x8-) x8-) x8-)
  • frogmorton
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    Lovely to see you Mike x:-)

    A Merry Christmas to you All over there from us over here.

    and of course l will be with you in spirit on 16th x:-D

    Brrrrmmmm brrrmmmm!! x;)


    Toni xx
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    mike thinking of you it will be ok this time val
  • mike77
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    x:-D x:-D I cant wait until the 16th January 2012, as this will be the day I get that pass paper , , its just wee little things like not checking side mirrors before I exit junctions, has this mirror I have is so big it covers all but , still should remember to look at side mirrors , this is my main downfall and as I cant turn my head fully to look at blind spots ( althou ) this panaromic mirrour is what it is made for the examiner wants to see me looking at the back . it hurts to turn to look but if it is only for that day to get a pass then have to try.

    Mike R & Hazel Mike JR
    thank you all for your words of support x:-) x:-) x:-) x:-)