Flying visit.. Happy Christmas

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To all the wonderful friend I've made on here I'd like to wish you a very very merry Christmas.. I hope that you have all had a lovely day. We have.
I'm still not feeling up to posting yet, still don't even know why..
I am going to be back though.. Have heard a few things recently about in fighting etc. that's not something I'd like to come back to so I'm hoping it's all sorted before I do return..

Anyway, I truly wish each and everyone of you a merry Christmas, I hope that arthur has behaved himself so that you could enjoy the day. We've had a lovely dinner at our Daughter Toni's..
They moved back to Leeds a few weeks back, just around the corner.. They also got engaged, we are really happy...

I've not been so good, constant on and off flares, not helping the moods really. Have pain clinic in february. Will be asking them to inject the spine and knees again.. See if it works this time, lol
For those of you who have emailed me, thank you, your support and friendship means a great deal, for the others, thank you for your support on here and once again I apologise for not giving any back lately... I will make it up to you when I do return. I do care, just not in a frame of mind to show it at the minute.

Thanks for reading, hugs etc from me and a huge purr from the great white dope, aka Ra the wondercat...
:shock: :lol::grin: x;)
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    It's lovely to see your name on the forum again Tony. You are greatly missed, and I really hope that you will return soon. I'm glad to hear that you had a good Christmas Day with your family.

    Love to you, Janet, and Ra.

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    Hey Mr T, lovely to see you on here again. Glad you are having good time with family.

    love to all.xx
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    Good to see you out and about , Tony , we all miss you . Glad you had a good day ; love to you and Janet and many congratulations to the newly engaged couple . Jillyb
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    tony just get your self right we do understand and want you feeling better than you are at the moment ((())) val
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    Awwww Tony so nice to see a post from you,ive only just come back on here and was sad to not see you on here,i dont know what the infightings all about but i agree with you,its a shame if it spoils this lovely forum,hope you have had a lovely christmas,and look forward to seeing more posts from you in the future xxxx
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    Lovely to see you and was lovely to have met you on here thsi last year Tony.

    What a year it has been eh?

    Let's hope this next one is the year your pain gets under control too.

    No appology ever neede for being awol unwell.

    Love and HUGS

    Toni x

    MERRY MERRY Chrsitmas to you all there from us here. x:-D
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    Glad you had an alright Christmas my dear friend, So sorry your not still well and suffering, truely hope you feel alot better soon my ol' mate!!
    Did Ra have a good Christmas? Bubba got totally spoiled! He even had his own stocking up on Christmas eve and was full of gifts Christmas morning! He did better than I did!! He has had so many bags of Dreamies treats and boxes of Temptations this year he is going to be the size of a house by new year! He will have to go on a diet before he gets back to work in the new year for C.I.B (Cats in Black)!
    I wasn't aware of any infighting on the forum! Did I miss something?
    Anyway you & Janet stay safe and hope you get better from your aweful flare up soon and if I don't hear from you, stay rested and have a happy new year and hope to hear from you in the new year back to your naughty self, fuss to Ra and hugs to you and Janet.
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    Hi Tony,

    Glad to see you here , flying visit s or not.

    Good that you have had a good time with your family and hope so much that the flare will back off for you soon.

    Hang i there and hope 2012 will be a kinder year for you. Cris xx