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Thought I would pop on and say hello. My name is Liz and I live in Cornwall. I have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my knees(already had arthritis in my neck) - also have problems with my right ankle and foot which the doctor says is weight related. The doctor also seems to suspect some form of inflammatory arthritis in my hands and he has taken blood samples and I have x-rays scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Anyway just thought I would say hello. :grin:


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    Hello Liz, just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum.
    Maybe ask doc for scan of hands and feet??

    Anyhow, have good festive break, Take care.xx
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    Hello CornishPiskey and welcome from me too. It sounds as if your doc is investigating stuff which is good. I hope you can get a quick diagnosis for your hands but it isn't always easy.

    Anyway, just make yourself at home here. We're a friendly lot so don't worry about posting wherever you wish. Chat Chat and LWA are where most people hang out but it's a bit quiet over Christmas.
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    Thank you both - Everyone seems really friendly on here. I have my next appointment with the doctor in mid-Jan hopefully will have some results then - will post update in the LWA section when I have them. Will consider asking about scans depending on outcome of current tests.
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    Hi Liz,

    a belated welcome from me as well. I also in Cornwall and your Cornish Piskey don;t half lead me astray sometimes :lol: They often piskey lead me...... They stopped me finding the gate one night :lol: was totally disoriented :lol:

    Hope the xrays go ok and the results will help them find a way of helping you. I would also ask to see the rumo if inflammatory arthritis is suspected..... they usually can tell better than gp's.

    Have you had a scan of your neck and I hope they are looking after that one for you as well?

    As the others say lw is where most of us hang out... I am very bad at wondering into the Hello forum.. :oops: :oops: but was told the piskeys were here :wink:

    Nice to meet you and hope the results will be quick and help you a lot. Cris x
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    Ah the Piskey's - wander around in gangs in some places you know :grin:

    Had the x-rays today - so will have to wait to see. Only had an x-ray on my neck a few years ago - had no idea about scans or anything so may well mention when I see GP.

    Thank you for the welcome - take care