forgot the parsnips!!!!

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Hope everyone has had a nice peaceful and painfree christmas,

i dont know where my head was yesterday, the beef was gorgeous but i forgot the brocculi and the parsnips,i forgot to get the pudding out of the freezer :???:i forgot to do the courgettes and cheese lol! and im sure it was nothing to do with the bottle of wine :oops:


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    I don't know about the rest But I think forgetting the parsnips and broccoli was an act of pure genius.You can have 10 extra points and a Michelin star for that one thing alone x:-D x:-D x:-D x:-D x:-D x:-D x:-D
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    I will come to yours next year l don't like parsnips x;)



    toni xx

    (who went to t*sco and Sai*sbry and finally As*a) for bread sauce for husband Christmas Eve at 7pm....

    still not done it x:lol: