....and then the bath broke.

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Now I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s some years since MR SW & I tried any shenanigans of that nature and certainly not since we got the long lever taps. Fortunately I’d been in before him because, as he stepped out of the shower this morning, the base of the bath cracked. The insurers are naturally not working today but we must get it sorted asap or we may find attendance at our New Year’s Eve party falls off rapidly. In four days time we could both be very ripe indeed. Personally I'm pretty adept with the wash basin but I hate to think how deep underwater the bathroom's going to end up when Mr SW tries to clean his entire 6'2" from ours.
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    Sorry to hear about the bath problem, Sticky. Is there a handy fountain or waterfall anywhere nearby which you could do a quick dash under x:?:


    Failing that, there's always the garden hosepipe x:-P


    Have fun x:lol:

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    send him to the swimming baths if worse comes to worse val