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Hi! all, I've recently been diagnosed with inflammatory OA. I've spent the past couple of years putting my extreme fatigue and joint pain down to my age and the menopause. I'm your typical don't bother the dr. just get on with it sort of person. My GP kept pestering me to go for an over 50's check up which to cut a long story short I did, the next thing I know I'm sat in the Rheumys office after blood tests and xrays being told I had something I'd never heard of. For me the worst part is the fatigue. Question for you all, I've read that skin complaints are sometimes connected to certain types of arthritis, do they itch or are they just rashes. I started with a very itchy rash on my back, chest and neck a few days ago then woke up xmas eve as if I'd been put in a lead suit one of the worst episodes of fatigue I'd had and was wondering if the rash was connected. Sorry! I'm rattling on, hope you're still awake lol. if you've got this far ta! for reading. I'll shut up x:-)


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    Hi Bee,

    A welcome from me to the forum, they are a good lot here.

    The first thing i thought of is there any chance you could have shingles flower? I just think the rash might be that and you need to bother the doc for that one I am afraid.....

    The inflammatories are full of fatigue... i hate it and feel like a blanket gets dropped on me and I am asleep..... its not very easy to fight and mine tends to be at the same kind of time as well....

    The one with the link to the skin is psoriatic arthritis (psa but here tends to be abbreviated to just pa) i got that one but never had the rash....

    You need to have that checked but cus if it is shingles that also carries bad fatigue.

    They tell me to listen to my body and when I feel shattered to just sit and rest up for a bit. I tend to know have about half an hour in me before I have to sit and rest again.... hey my tea up take has tripled :lol:

    I hope the rash is just one of those things but please bother the doc just in case. Nice to meet you Cris x
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    Hi there, Bee, and welcome from me too. I guess you must be feeling kind of shell-shocked - one minute you're OK (albeit in inverted commas x:lol: ) and the next minute you have arthritis. The good news (though it may not seem like it right now) is that you have been diagnosed quickly so treatment can be sorted. Some folks on here hang around months waiting for a decent diagnosis.

    You don't say which type of arthritis you have, Bee. As skezier says, Psoriatic is usually connected with a rash though the rash can be not much of one. Also, some of the meds they give us auto-immune types can produce rashes. Are you taking meds yet?

    The fatigue? Oh yes. Welcome to the club. x:lol: Christmas and fatigue? An absolute certainty. However, if you should have something else (I know skezier suggested shingles) that could well account for fatigue also. Anything that raises the temperature can set my RA off.

    I think you'll need the doc to sort this one out, Bee, but good to hear from you. Let's know how you get on.