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Hi Helpline folk,

Been getting a lot of grief from the neck and back, in fact they have moved on now to doing a quick bit of paralization...... friendly little things :roll: (and you's think I could learn how to spell it as well cus the spell check is scratching its head :lol: )

anyway its only pain that's doing that so it could be a lot worse.

In addition to that I wake feeling I'm am being sawn in half most mornings, again they really are user friendly :lol: But I need an ant and phys book and mine long bit the dust (my eyes are not so good to read the internet either) and just wondered have you got one and if you have.....

What section of vertebra is it that is level with the bottom rib at the back please? See I have some vague recollection but would like to know if its the top lumber of if this evil thing is moving into the only bit that wasn't effected last scan. (several years ago of course :wink: )

I see the rumo next month and if it isn't the lumber area (and be honest the pain goes up as much as it does down now a days) I can say to him about it.... if its the lumber there really ins't much point in mentioning it.... they are aware that's given out now a days .

They are fitting me up with some contraption to take the weight off some of the vertebrae ( the OT back specialist is having to think how and what we can use for that one :wink: I'm thinking a gibbet :lol: ) so that migh help as well.

Hey they have given up telling me to give up my way of life as well :grin: they now say its cus I have dug in and stayed active its helped :lol: some back track eh?!

Medics they just don;t know what is best for us do they?! :lol:

You all have a quiet day and leaving some un sheeped mince pies cus they're in at the mo cus of the endless rain..... and some real cream to go with 'em

Take care

Cris x


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    Hi Cris,

    Love the pictures of the dressed up sheep :) To answer your question about the vertebrae I think it is the first one in the Lumbar region if you say the pain is in line with the bottom of the ribs. Yes you are right it is all a very complicated business and so of course even the doctors can't give definitive answers. However as we always advocate exercise and activity in general does help people to cope much better then if they were to lead sedentary lives.

    Hope you get some joy from the docs. Happy new New Year to you and all yours

    Simona x;)
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    Hi Simona,

    Thanks flower and you have confirmed what I was thinking.... when they did the decompression they took every disc out below L2 but above.. they trimmed and put back and you know what i so wish they had taken the lot out :lol: The ones with out disc have nicely fused up and hurt less... mostly :lol:

    I so agree with you, I know categorically muscle tone is so important to helping combat the bone shift. Couple of mine work against me now with constant spasm and they are very strong muscles.... but for that there is botox (hell I wish it was in the face :lol: )

    I might just try and get the rumo to do another MRI.... tis years ago and back then neither the lumber or the neck were paralysing me... know its only caused by pain but it don't half hurt :wink: They are often a bit blasee about how much things do hurt though thats a bit unfair cus they do try and keep mine under control and they were horrified about the paralyzation originally.....

    I kinda used to it now and know exactly what it is and how to break it but the first time... oh that was so scary :lol: Never will know how I worked out what to do either... probably cus i just wouldn't have it! :lol:

    Maybe one day they will be able to do a degree of spinal replacement..... I think they have something now that is almost there for that one?

    The worst thing is I can't get comfy at all and thats not conducive to sleeping..... the employers think I might just have grown 2 heads!

    Anyway thanks again. You all have a really good 2012 and fingers crossed it will be a kind one for you.

    More mince pies and cus its you a cream egg

    Cris x

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