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Hi, further to my last post about compression gloves, I found that cyclist gloves are super for driving, having padding in the right places for the gear stick, and nylon/spandex gloves for other wear. I now take 8 paracetamol and 3 Acupan per day, when needed, all this does the trick for me, Dr. prescribed, of course.


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    Hi - I haven't been able to wear splints for my wrists recently because they lie on my knuckles which are very inflamed with RA - so was looking for an alternative. I tried velcro wrist splints but they were very tight and I couldn't bear them for too long so now I'm onto arthritis gloves my OH bought online. Mine are pretty tight - plain looking grey fingerless ones. They are brilliant and I can wear them under fingerless gloves too. They don't help my wrists much but seem to keep my fingers and knuckles really secure without adversely affecting circulation. It might just be psychological, like a sticking plaster on a small but painful cut, but whatever - i find they help me a lot just now when my hands are so bad. Only problem is getting them on and off as I can't pull so my OH has to help with that! Mat x
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    Hi Chummy,

    Glad you have found something that helps and the cycling gloves do sound quite interesting.

    I have splints and supports and not sure if they would fit over those but if I got the large size they might.

    Glad your meds are helping, and long may it last. Cris x

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