Hi and seasons greetings!

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I have not been able to log in on here for ages but hava tried to keep up with everyone. I hope you have had a good Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year.xx
I had a lovely family Christmas, only slightly marred by the nagging pain of our old friend arthur. I have been having increasing pain in my right hip/right knee and back and feel my right hip is deteriorating. I am going to try to see the GP for a review of my pain relief as my current tablets aren`t enough. I am also going to chase my consultants appointment which should have been in November.
Take care all xxx


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    hi nb it very quiet in here at moment but great to hear from you glad christmas was good but sorry to hear about the pain hope it gets sorted soon val
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    Hi NB! Very nice to see you and seasons greetings to you and yours!
    Sorry to hear you are suffering at the moment and hope you can get some decent pain killers.
    Sal xx
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    Hi Nearly,

    Tis good to see you again :grin:

    Sorry you have the pain nagging at you and hope the meds review will really help you. When do you see a consultant again flower? I wish they could do more to help you but hang in there. Hugs and a cuppa, and a hope that 2012 will be a kinder year for you. Cris xx
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    c0119.gifHi NB, good to see you again.

    Trust arthur eh .....he's never far away. :roll: Glad you enjoyed your family Christmas. x:-D

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    Hi NB. Good to 'see' you again. Yes, Christmas and arthritis are an inseparable pair, aren't they? Hope you gets those meds sorted soon. All the best.
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    Thanks for your replies. Its good to talk to you all again.
    I have made an appointment with a GP on Tuesday. Not one I usually see, so hope she is ok. I have got a new prescription of my usual meds but they are not as effective now as they were.
    Cris, I should have had an appointment to see the consultant last November but haven`t got one yet. I should have chased it up, but didn`t, and to be honest was delaying finding out how bad my right hip is getting!! ( head in the sand again!!)
    I will speak to the GP next week and ring the secretary if I don`t get a letter soon.
    Take care all and keep warm xx
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    Hello Nearlyb.
    it's nice to see you on here i'm sorry you are in pain i hope the doctor helps on tuesday.
    i hope you have a good 2012.
    joan xx

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