i wonder

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well been in and out and it so quiet i wonder if the new year will bring life back to the forum only time will tell.
happy new year everyone


  • starspangle
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    hey valval, what happened?
  • skezier
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    hi Val and a Happy New Year to you as well flower. I wonder if people are just busy with the holidays being here and after the new year it will pick up again.

    I don't often come into to CC now a days though. Depends on how well I am sleeping :wink:

    Hope you got a good night and the bones are behaving better for you. Hugs and tea for the morning. Cris xx
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    Hi guys just popping by to say hello, hope Christmas has been as good as it can be for you. We had a good one in Leeds and am feeling optimistic for the new year. How are you doing Cris, I often think of you, especially in this horrid weather and hope you have the strength to deal with it. Hope all your animals are ok too.t7758.gif

    Sending love and best wishes for the new year to all my AC friends, thank you for all your support its been precious to me when I've needed it and its always good to know that its there, unconditionally.

    Lots of love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  • valval
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    hi cris, brenda and starspangle it could be because people have so much going on and do hope that is all it is and that they will all be back soon with tales of there christmass and all it brought .
    well new year nearly here hope it brings happiness and pain free times for all val