Is Rock / Rock and Roll music dead forever.

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I was thinking ( unusual for me ), and I tried to remember any sort of rock song, or that type of song, that had been a hit over the last 3 years.
I couldn't really think of one, which is a bit scarey, and although I'm no teenager, I try to hear whats going on in the chart scene, and to be honnest 90% of it leaves me cold.
There are the odd decent band around like Elbow, Coldplay - 5 years ago,but in general things are bad music wise.
We might have reached a stage now where Rock / Rock and Roll music might be gone, at least for the forseable future, and the likes of Simon Cowell have danced on it's grave, whatdoyareckon, Alanthemanc


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    Hi Alan,

    I think it does depend on your music tastes really but I love modern music, I especially like the dance trance and you can here rock in there on the layers... well sometimes they will also take a sample :lol:

    Its a fairly good balance at the mo between the 'gentle' music and the thumping stuff on almost a 50/50 split really and for me its not dead and some of them will be remembered in years to come and might (I hope :wink: ) still be playing.

    The ex factor lot... they are mostly one hit wonders but there are exceptions (JLS being the obvious) and if they have any talent then they stick around for a while but most don;t seem to.

    Hey I wish Jedwood would slide into obscurity :lol: maybe I am showing my age but I don;t get them at all :lol:

    Hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year to you. Cris x
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    i must admit do not listen to music these days so have no idea what the new stuff sounds like must get a radio in kitchen to listen to where i worked before we used to have radio on all time but this place does not and usually put the news on in morning so no time to listen to music must make more of an effort val
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    theres a few good indi rock bands out there....Dashboard confessionals,arctic monkeys,kaiser chiefs,i think rock and roll has just evolved over the years.....Jedwood are hideous what are they trying to be??
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    I do like the Arctic Monkeys first album, that was quality, as was Kasabian's first. I suppose there is the odd album about, youv'e got to think hard though haven't you. Alanthemanc
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    I find as time goes by good music is harder to find but every now and then up pops a song that I like but yes they are getting less and less with time, maybe it's me just getting older, the peak for me was in 2003 we took our nipper to Reading rock and the groups playing were blink182 Sum41, system of a down and linkin park were head lining and good they were too, but I look at the line ups now and it doesn't do it for me I find many of the new bands are muiscally lyrically weak, I also find I'm getting into more folk/rock music as I get older!?, , there's another universe out there you just have to look a little deeper, music will continue to evolve and one day our kids will find they will be in exactly the same place we are.
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    While U2 are making music and touring they fly the flag for Rock & Roll! I do also like Kasabian. I do believe there are enough bands out there to keep the Rock & Roll genre going.