still no movement - im stuck lol

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Hi 8 weeks ago today I had a right TKR and my knee still wont move, I am trying exercises to my ability but the pain.....
Gonna see if physio today will try and get me sorted one way or another.... getting really fed up now with this knee and leg, the pain is constant even with meds and the blinking thing wont move at all.
brains me thought, brill im getting a new knee ,I would be back to work starting next week and walking about normalish ... yeah right.
So anyone got a right leg lying about theyr'e not using ,not bothered how old it is as long as its in working order. will pay reasonable amount of money :smile:


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    This isn't right Babytiger.

    Did you knee stop moving before the operation? - if yes, it could be that the muscles are really weak and to get them going again is painful but possible.

    Have you ever been able to move the TKR at all, even a smidge? The first day after your operation the physios should have been to check your movement and you should have had some even with the swelling and stitches. Normally you're not allowed to leave the hospital without a minimum of 90 degree bend.

    I'm wondering if your knee is locked that the new joint has failed or it's an infection. Sorry don't mean to be alarmist just trying to be realistic. :oops: :oops:

    I'm now off to hunt down a new leg for you so let's discuss money......... :shock: :wink:

    Please let us know what the physio says.

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    not sure why the doc has not sorted this for you i would have thought they would have got it moving by now i do hope physio will be able to help you val
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    Hi tiger

    Having a quick flick through your past postings to refresh my memory, which did not need doing, really as I remember that you have not got on well post op and your consultant was totally uninterested after looking at the xrays and preferred to send you away to a physio, instead of arranging as he sort of suggested, manipulation.

    The nurse, your gp, your physio can all see there are problems and you are in pain but the one person who should be supporting/helping you is not. It is terrible, but that does not help you. The longer the knee is left the more difficult it is going to be for you. I remember you saying that you have had one good week in all this time and perhaps you did too much. That is not the cause of anything, the xrays were ok according to the consultant. The knee needs to be got moving, somehow or other if there are no other underlying issues. I wish I could suggest something for you to do to make the consultant sit up and listen to you.

    Elna x
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    I'm, 100% with Elna, babytiger. It's not enough to take the old knee out, stick a new one in and tell you to get on with it. They have done half a job and you cannot be expected to do the other half single-handed. I hope the physio helps but, if not, please don't leave it at that and don't let anyone else. This knee must be made to work. You must insist that someone does something to help you.

    Was it an NHS hospital or a private one? You could contact your local P.A.L.S. (Google it to find your nearest) I wish you well.
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    Hi all
    Just been to physio and seen a lovely lass,she couldn't understand why consultant sent me back to them,anyway bless her she tried pushing the knee back and told me to breathe at same time (painful) she got 5% bend out of me then she tried straightening it,same breathe but the knee wouldn't move . She said we have got 3 weeks to move the leg but dont think it will. She's gonna write a letter to consultant and told me to insist in seeing the big boss man and get him to try leg for himself.
    Tens machine she says is a no no ,also them heatpads tend to not hepl much either. She said my pain sounds like nerve damage and told me to go to docs for meds that are specific for nerves rather than pain meds.
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    I think you should get your GP on board here, babytiger. Ask him/her to get in touch with the consultant too. I'm absolutely certain any of the docs in my practice would do it, without my having to ask, if I were in your situation. It's not just about the pain but the lack of movement and, it seems to me, as a veteran of two TKRs and one Revision, this has to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
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    Take everyones advice, an urgent referal needs to be made to head honcho asap. Call docs tommorrow and ask for it to be done as a matter of urgency.

    Wishing you well, will be thinking of you. :smile:
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    I'm with the others here too Babytiger....

    this cannot go on any longer lass x:-?

    Not sure what the physio eans by the nerve pain but a guessing she means one of the neuropathic pain meds like gabapentin or pregablin....

    Best get to the GP then?????


    Toni xx
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    Morning Peeps
    Thanks for all your advice and support, its good to know I'm not on my own and you all know about pain etc
    I have phoned docs and got an appoint ment this afternoon ,she was the one that send me for xrays a few weeks ago so at least I know I have her on board ,will let you know how it goes
    Love Eileen
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    That is good news, babytiger. Now, remember we'll all be piling in with you and fighting your corner so do be brave and make things happen. You deserve it and need it.
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    hi babytiger , i hope you get sorted soon hopefully its does just need a bit of manipulation , but until you know for sure its a worry and needs a proper check , good luck
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    Hi Eileen.
    i hope you get your leg put right soon it should not be like
    that you dont need more pain.
    you can borrow my right leg so it can show your leg how to work i have had my tkr 9 years it started working the day after the op.
    good luck.
    joan xx
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    aaaww thanks Joan,whats your address.... I;ll hobble around now for it.
    Its friustrating because I used to cycle and walk now Im in a wheelchair to go round asda

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