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Hi All,hope you have all had the very best xmas possible,mine has not been too good thou i put a brave face on things.Tocut a long story short i had this feeling that something dreadful was going to happen,i was so worried and ancious couldnt eat or sleep,my legs wouldt keep still and i had such muscel pain i was popping pills like they were going out of the end i phoned the rhemmy nurse who said that the symptoms didnt semm like it was the lef but has sent me an early appoitment,so went to see gp who was shocked when i broke down in front of her as it just isnt like me,told her whar had been happening and what rhemmy had said,she got out her big book of medicines and one of the rarer affects can be exactly how i was feeling,so we stopped the lef and she has given me a low short course of diasipan within less than 48 hours i was feeling so much better,gp also recommended that i dont go back on thr lef again as there are plenty of other drugs out there to thats my story so far .i hope you all have a good new year,i hope mine will be better than to you all Mig


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    Mig, I have ordered a Happy New Year for you. We all have enough to deal with without rare side effects. Lucky you had a doc who was on the ball. I hope the new meds will kick in quickly. I had missed you but people do come and go or drop out for a while, as you know, so hadn't paid too much attention to it. Good to have you back though.
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    thanks sticky,all i wanted to do was curl up in a ball and let the world go by,i now feel like my old self ,will just have to wait to see what they come up with next.Mig
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    H Mig
    I dont know anything about that drug but lucky you got such good treatment and taken off it quickly.
    Hope the diazapam works seems to be working already judging by your posts
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    Hi Mig,

    Sorry to hear your Christmas wasn't very good.
    Here's hoping you have Happy Healthier New Year.

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