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hi everyone, i was diagnosed with OA two months ago in my knee and put on light duties at work. my docter put me on ibopruren gel, but i still can't walk more than 200 yards before it starts hurting, is there something stronger i can take or should i go back and ask for a scan. i was also given 4 phisio sessions through work but they just made it more tender, any advice would be welcome as i am now worried about keeping my job. thanks


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    Hello djl and welcome to the forum. Arthritis must be about the last thing a postie needs.

    In answer to your question – yes, there is a lot more your GP can prescribe. In fact, I’d have thought the gel would hardly touch the pain. The physio shouldn’t have made it worse but I guess that can depend on the individual physiotherapist and his/her equipment. You can ask for a scan or X-ray but, if you’ve not had arthritis long, it mightn’t show much.

    I’d suggest you go back to your GP and explain that the gel’s doing nothing. He might prescribe ibuprofen tablets and/or paindullers. A knee support might help for short periods when you are doing things that particularly hurt but, if you wear it too long, the muscles will pack in and they are what support the joint, lessening the pain. I think, if you go back to your GP and tell him/her what you’ve told us, they should be able to do more for you. Please let us know how you get on.
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    hi as has been said they will start with lowest dose and when you go back give you something more you must tell doc how bad it is we tend not to but you do need to or how will they be able to give you the right meds good luck val