does diet really help RA? or is that a myth?

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rheumy said there's no evidence but a Mediterranean diet helps? more fish, less red meat etc?
has anyone cut things out and it's helped? i'm wanting to try anything to get inflammation down....


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    You won't know until you try. Cutting out certain things helps some, cutting out dairy is a popular option, but personally I have found no difference. We are all different in how we are affected by our arthritis, how we react to the drugs and in how diet may (or may not) help. DD
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    I think there’s no hard evidence that anything other than a healthy, balanced diet (eg Mediterranean) helps. AC have a booklet on Healthy Eating if you go to Publications & Resources (top right) then look down the left side menu.

    On a personal note, I stopped eating meat going on 20 years ago (For no reason other than I disliked it) and feel I am (arthritically speaking) better without it. I do eat lots of fresh veg and fish. I love my wine but I have to be careful with alcohol these days. I’m never sure whether too much sets off the RA or simply interferes with the meds. I only know I have to stop long before I want to - or pay for it next day.
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    I eat no dairy , no citrus , no potatoes , no aubergine , no raw tomatoes , no alcohol . I've had RA for 31 years now and find this eases my symptoms but as DD said , it is different for everyone and what works for me ; might not help others . It is a trial and error thing , up to you to try it . Jillyb
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    Hi Louise

    l dont know either and dont really think anyone does, but l am also of the opinion trial and error can do no harm so long as it's not too extreme.

    In your position l would be looking at the A/C leaflet on the subject of diet as a safe starting point.


    Toni xx
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    Hi Louise,
    I would have to say no in my case.
    Years ago I went on a diet which involved no dairy and no white flour products.
    However, that's not to say a diet won't work for you.
    I do know certain foods make me worse so maybe there is something in it.
    I just haven't found it yet.
    Good luck and Happy new Year.
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    I had arthritis since 1980 or should i say thats when it was first diagnosed. In my search for self help i have done many things including diet. I have swaped and changed foods, blamed types of foods, one day its the milk the next the bread always something in my quest to reduce my pain. It took me a long time to realise nothing made any difference. Arthritis is Arthritis. it has a mind of its own. Some times it lets you think your wining the battle then it strikes back. The only thing i can say helps for sure is the more waite you carry the harder it it is for your body to cope ( listen to the fat man talk) so the lighter you are less strain on your joints especially feet ankles and knees.
    Have a great new year
    PS my diet starts again tomorrow or is it tommorow im brain dead after all the brandy
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    I think everyone is different and what helps one may not help someone else, but anything is worth a try..

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