Hello, been a while thought I'd check in

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Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely christmas... Pain free and quiet x

Tom is not very well, he was in hospital yesterday with suspected DVD in his left calf. No rheummy available, docs knew nothing of JIA or embrel. Anyway after much chat, Tom was sent for US, negative for blood clot thank goodness.

Spoke with rheummy doc today and Tom has a ruptured Baker Cyst, his pain was in the back of the knee now down the inside of his calf, rest, ice and elavation.
Never ends!

Hope your all ok and happy new year to you all xx


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    Hello again, Lare73. Good to hear from you though I'm sorry Tom's not well. Bakers Cysts can be very painful. Docs knowing nothing about JIA or enbrel must have made it an even scarier hospital visit. I hope this won't be a long recovery period but at least you know what it is now. All the best to both of you for 2012.
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    hi sw, funny how new things keep popping up, i thought i'd learnt most things about JIA, never stop learning. He's ok, resting and being iced regualrly :grin:

    hope you and yours are well x