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need some advice please.
applied for blue badge for thomas, went for assessment which lasted half an hour, consisted of a stair climb, 80 metre walk on the corridor, and questions about family dynamics and facilities in the home.
Nice lady (an occupational therapist designated by leeds city council to assess all leeds applicants).
Tom was quite well that day, he had pain on climbing the stairs which was documented, the walk was ok, some discomfort.
Result ..... application denied.
Accepted the disease, noted pain and discomfort but not 'enough to warrant a blue badge'.
Now, this week tom has been in A&E, he cannot walk unaided, needs crutches, cannot manage stairs or weightbare.
i did explain atthe assessment that JIA can differ day to day, if we were assessed todayfor example tom would easy have passed.
i feel if we had exaggerated or lied the outcome would be different and am apalled that children who are in pain most days are described as being not in enough pain for a blood blue badge!
so, any suggestions about appealing?/may copy my local mp in the letter, i am so angry...sorry to rant xx


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    I kept ignoring this post, Lare63, in the hope that someone better informed would stop by but, I guess, it's the time of year when not much happens on here.

    I can't really help. I've had mine for years and it's renewed automatically because I get the higher rate mobility allowance. You know I have the utmost sympathy with Tom's predicament. I think we have all had, at some stage, to fight for our allowances and such stuff. My own first assessment for Mobility Allowance actually scared me. I was denied, appealed, got a doc who knew me from rheumatology & the rest was plain sailing.

    I don't think Tom's Bakers Cyst would make any difference to the BB assessment as it would be regarded as a temporary thing :roll: but at least they have noted how bad some of the stuff is for him now so that, next time, there's something to build on. Just make sure there's a next time. Don't be put off by this one.
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    in your position l would reapply again citing the example you gave to us when you really really could have done with one for To.

    If you have no success you could always contact your MP. When l worked for the local authority, a' member enquiry' held a lot of clout.


    Toni xxx