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x;) Hi everyone I have just joined you and have printed off a form to join arthritis care as well.
I am 60 retired and suffer with OA and AS. I live in north Manchester and would like to meet other sufferers so I can have a good old moan about how I'm feeling, with like minded people. ( on and off line)
I have problems with my hands, hips, neck, knees, feet, spine but apart from all that I also have High blood pressure and a sore tummy from all the medications I have taken over the years.
I manage to walk my dog in the park most mornings, which I really love in spite of the pain.
My husband works 3 days a week so I find myself quite lonely sometimes. Most of my friends were work colleagues and I keep in touch by phone.
Anyway that will do for now.


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    Hello Rose

    I'm also new here and am still waiting for a diagnosis.

    I would like to welcome you and the good people in this forum will be along to welcome you.
    I know what you mean about a place to moan :sad:
    Take care

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    Hello sixtiesgirl and welcome from me too. Mine's RA and, nowadays, OA too. It's good that you still enjoy walking your dog. Long may it contimue.

    If you want to actually meet up with people, there are branches of AC all over the country. I see you are from M'chester so your nearest one shoud be here. http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/InyourArea/NorthEngland/Branches/NorthWest

    I think you'll find we're a very friendly lot so just join in wherever you wish. LWA and Chit Chat are where most people hang out.
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    Hi Rose and everyone else.

    Happy New Year to you all.

    I have only just signed up on the website, and it will hopefully be interesting for any ideas on things that help.

    I am 37, have OA in both knees and now having problems with my hip. I have been on painkillers since 19 when my cartilage was removed and the OA set in after that. I am a married mum of 2 beautiful girls, 11 & 8 and they are great about my good and bad days.
    So any advice greatfully received from fellow sufferers out there.
    Take care