been to docs this aft

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well went to docs this afternoon and she couldn't believe my leg hasn't improved at all and why im still in so much pain.She has upped my Oxycodone to 20mg to see if that kills pain and to phone her next wednesday.She was saying that ive lost all muscle in right leg and to try and walk if I can or stand, also try my hardest with exercises which I said I try as best. She also wants me to phone OS on monday and explain I need to see actual surgeon asap. for him to actually see for himself.
She has never come across anyone with the problems im having .so lets see if I get any joy with those meds. Feel like im turning into a junkie now.


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    I hope the meds help too. You are not 'turning into a junkie'. This is just a temporary measure until that leg gets sorted.

    I'm surprised your doc left you to phone the surgeon yourself. Mine usually do anything like that themselves.

    Remember, when you phone, we're all behind you, babytiger. Don't be fobbed off. This is URGENT and you need an urgent appointment. Explain that you've already lost the use of your muscles. They can't be so negligent as to leave you like this.
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    Hi Baby tiger

    l am so pleased you went to see the doc and totally agree you needs some help urgently

    Sticky is right - remember you have the power of the forum behind you x:-D


    Toni xx
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    I loove those new meds... I slept like a baby last night ,Pete says I didnt move an inch,totally knocked me out ....Just hope they work the same tonight lol
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    I'm glad the Oxycodone are helping you to sleep, I also hope they relieve some of the pain too.

    If it were me I would ring OS on Monday but I would also ask the doctor to either ring your surgeon direct or Fax them a letter asking for an urgent appointment. My doctor has intervened for me in the past to speed things up with a surgeon or consultant.

    I hope you get things moving (pun alert!!) please keep us posted.


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