A brand new year

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Hello everyone,

I just want to say a happy new year to all!

I know that this horrible illness attacks us in all sorts of ways, but I know that I have learnt a lot from having RA and it's given me opportunities to relate to other people in a way that I wouldn't be able to empathise if I didn't have a chronic illness. We are all going to have times when we are much worse, and then times when we are feeling more human but in all of this, we have a great support network on here and we can keep going!

The end of this year has been a shocker for me (if you want to read more, see my blog. Just click on my username and it will take you to the link to my blog. Please do comment too!) but I know that this isn't how it is always going to be. Persevere!

Happy New Year to you all x


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    Happy New Year to you as well......Lets hope arthur takes himself on holiday over the new year and doesnt come back :lol:
    Hope everyone has a less painful 2012 than 2011


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