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Sorry folks only seem to pop in when i am having pain/problem...I have been so lucky lately with my arthur. I just donot understand how os can flare up and then just seem to disappear...well ease off. I have had a good few months of hardly any pain (apart from not been able to sleep on my right side because of my hip.) The past few days my legs are just are aching... my left i am getting sharp pains when i get up to walk in my buttock and my leg is giving away... eases off once i get myself moving...this is new to me.
Still have pins and needles in both hands and all down my right leg ( which is annoying but kind of use to it now....) Does OS normally flare up like this?


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    Lipin l really have heard folks talking like this - things easing back only to start to protest loudly again at a later date.

    Someone of here can probably explain better than me.

    In the meantime you have to rest....exercise what and when you can and take the tablets x:roll:

    Hope things get better soon.


    Toni xx
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    I don't understand it either but appreciate it while it lasts! We are all different in how we are affected by our various versions of arthritis, on reflection I am quite satisfied by mine as it's constant. When yours flares up again perhaps build in some longer (or more) rest periods to your day and maybe that will ease things a little. DD

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