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I've posted about this recently but it's happening again. My ankles have been really sore and swollen again. My left one tonight is EXTREMELY itchy-just above the joint. I'm scratching and scratching and it's a rough itch??? Under the skin it feels a bit lumpy. Any ideas? It's not very red but there is a mark on my leg. Dunno if it's my Necrobiosis Lipoidica coming back-after me replying to a post earlier on the forum-think it was Kittyme?

Magenta x


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    Hi Eileen,

    Sorry its all itchy for you and hope that it will soon ease off and stop.

    Leaving you a de-itch potion, a cuppa and a very Happy New Year. Love Cris xx
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    Hi Cris,

    Thanks. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!


    Eileen xxx

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