Happy new year..and Hello everyone :)

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I havent even been fully diagnosed yet but I already know there is something really wrong.

I went to see my doc about 2 months ago, I had stiffness in my fingers/wrists and toes/ankles.

After a blood test I was told I had a high rhumatoid count, Artheritis right..I couldnt belive it..im 37 and this all came on very quickly. Now, Like I said, I dont have a diagnosis yet as I am to see a consultant for the first time on 11th of January 2012.

I was at least hoping that my symptoms would not get any worse any faster, but I am suffering at the moment, My hands are painful..sometiimes I cannot pick things up and hold onto ..like a mug of tea..and I sometimes cannot even twist my wrist, my range of motion is getting smaller by the week.

My feet are bad too..especially my ankle on my left foot, It hurts like hell to be up and about..but I have a wife..family and all the responsibilities that come with running a household, so I push through the pain by using Ibuprofen..but to be honest..I cant even tell if that makes a difference anymore. I suffer worse when I have force myself to do simple tasks like shopping or even just walking to the post office and back will leave me in pain for hours, even into the next day. Then another pain comes and takes precedent..so Im not winning here at all.

I feel like an idiot complaining to my wife..but my symptoms are coming thick and fast. Something hurts..all the time..everyday.

I am hoping you can give me advice on what to say to my consultant...is there any meds that will reduce my pain and restore movement enough for me to start work in Febuary? I have a work contract coming up..and I honestly feel that I wont be able to do it..in my current health, I mean..something as simple as a busride..now hurts..suddent jolting movements can make me feel like I have sprained or even broken my wrist or ankle...thats how I can best describe it.

I keep a cool head for my familys sake, but underneath I am worried for my future..worried about benefits and applying for them and all the stress that goes with that. To be fair..im quite depressed.

I know its not the end..life goes on, and its not all bad. But at the moment just the realisation that my life will have to change in a big way is scary.

Thank you for hearing me.
I suppose my questions will come later in appropriate sections of this forum, after I have seen my consultant on my initial visit.




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    Hello and a Happy New Year to you Terry. I only joined yesterday and am finding my way around the site but I had to reply and let you know how your message moved me. I have been living with arthritis for many years and found you just have to try and go with the pain and not give in to it. Using medication as needed. I do my physio exercises most days to try and keep as supple as possible, you dont realise the importance of movment until arthritis strikes you. Just tell your consultant what you have said here write everything down if neccesary dont worry about taking their time up.I hope you feel better soon.
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    Welcome from me,
    like you my symptoms came on very suddenly and was a shock to the system.
    The forum helped me a lot as people on here understand and can offer support and guidance where necessary.
    My partner doesn't understand and as you say it is hard to try and explain the pain to someone that doesn't understand..Hopefully the forum can help you there.
    Not long to go to you see consultant, it might be worth doing a diary between now and then explaining the pain how it affects you, anything that makes it worse or better etc, this will give the consultant an idea of what is going on.
    Look forward to seeing you around and let us know how you get on..