Alternative to Methotrexate?

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Hi. I am just wondering if there is an alternative to metho? My daughter takes it orally at the moment and was also on Etanercept, which she has now stopped. However since she went back on the methotrexate about 14 months ago she has become very depressed. It's hard to know if it's connected to the medication or if she's just more fed up as she has had to go back on it, but I thought if there was something else she could try it might be worth it. She really doesn't like doing injections. She has moved up to adult services and doesnt have an app for about 10 weeks. Her consultant said recently that when she is ready he will do her hip replacements, but obviously she's a little scared by this and as she is not at a good place at the moment, now is not the time. Any ideas please? MAndy


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    Hi Mandyb

    I can only imagine how worried you might be watching your daughter become depressed on top of what she is going through. Methotrexate can cause mood changes in some people though that is not listed under common side effects. I'm sure other people on the forum may be able to comment more on that based on personal experience.

    I expect part of the depression is also due to the whole situation, how she feels about being in it, having to be on the drugs, having to deal with the other side effects she may be experiencing, the future surgery she if facing, and the general fatigue it all creates.

    If the depression persists and the methotrexate is not working it may be an idea to discuss other options with her rheumatologist.

    The best thing you could do is create situations or atmosphere that perk her up and hopefully help her change her focus.

    In the meantime if either of you would like to speak to us please do pick up the phone, sometimes it just helps to talk it through with people who get it.

    Best wishes

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    Hi - I'm on methotrexate and I am quite depressed too but I'm 49 and am just trying to come to terms with having RA - it must be really hard to be 18 and have to be thinking about hip replacements etc when all around you are focusing on being young etc. And really hard for you as a parent too. I think the methotrexate is the thing that makes me low but I have no other side-effects from it so can't be sure - I'm not prone to depression so it's quite new for me to fathom. It is certainly quite a powerful drug.

    If your daughter is depressed because of her illness than that is completely understandable and also part of the course so perhaps it would be worth getting her to go to her GP or see them yourself and discuss your concerns? She could possibly go on an anti-depressant short term or a drug such as Amitriptyline - which I take for pain - but it doubles up as an anti-depressant and is non-addictive. Good luck with everything. Mat

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