dare I say.......arthritis!! soz!

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I'm new here but not new to arthritis.
It's getting worse and worse and had an hour chat with my nurse today resulting in blood tests as a start to see if it's all osteo or poss rheumatoid as well,even fibromyalgia or lupus[I also have skin cancer and have been suspected for lupus before]
My worst thing at mo is my BUM!!!!!!!! I bought a coccyx cushion.....rubbish and am now on the hunt and would value any advice for something better,I can hardly sit unless in armchair.Don't know whether to consider foam or gel type,you have to pay for these things no NHS help[can't believe this!]and want to try to get it right without wasting loads of money....anyone any suggestions pls??
I have upper back/neck/arm spondylosis;lumbar spine;hips;knees and my left hand is useless.....apart from that!!!!!!!!
I'm not a misery...honest,glad of a chat or any feedback/advice
Thanks everyone


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    hi can not help with cushion i use cheep ones from £1 shop as not to bad but call in any time you want a cruise just leaving in chit chat(we get fed up with the cold and damp this time of year come along if you want ) post any where we love having new people to chat to sorry you are going through all this val
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    Hello Purplegirl1 and welcome from me too. Mine's RA but I've had it for so long I've had joints replaced and I remember before one hip was done I used cushions to try to make sitting easier. I just used 2/3 ordinary ones though, nothing specific. Which area are you wanting it to help - hip, coccyx, lower spine? If you have a disability shop nearby they should be able to advise you. And/or you could copy this thread onto the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look on there so someone might be able to help. I hope so.
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    Hi Purplegirl

    Lovely to meet you, but sorry you feel so rough :???: l would go with what Sticky is saying and check out your nearest disability shop. I quite understand and sympathise with the pain in your coccyx when sitting on hard chairs :sad:

    Please do come along into one of the other forums and join in - you will be so welcome :smile:


    Toni xxx
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome,I certainly will join the Living with Arthritis one as well,also any others anyone suggests.I'm also just out of interest on the Diabetes UK one [i'm Hectorzaza on there]in case anyone else is there too.
    I amm riddled with the stuff and as I said there may be new diagnoses to come but my TERRIBLE problem at mo is the coccyx,I went to my local disability shop[at our local big hosp!] and bought a simple coccyx cushion but it was too hard,I think I need foam ,gel or air and take some ordinary cushions so I can fidget a lot!! We've bought some great[expensive but worth it] 'camping' chairs for UK but it's hols abroad that are real problem

    Anyway,nice to meet you all
    Sandy :smile: