Fed up with it all!!

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Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie,had osteo for a few years now but the last 12 months it has galloped through me! I'm also diabetic and have terrible IBS so can't take a lot a lot of medication,they're also just testing me for RA,fibromyalgia and lupus.I've had to stop work...huge BONE[soz] of contention,and am going to do voluntary work from home for the deafblind association as i can be a tele/email befriender,as I cannot sit in an office chair....my coccyx won't let me!
I also have skin cancer [20 years now] and have regular radiotherapy.Apart from all this I'm a lively[in my mind]chatty person who will not be put down without a fight but do have times of feeling sorry for myself...am currently seeking a DECENT coccyx cushion,tried basic one but was too hard...any advice on foam/gel/air types??
Love Sandy x:-P


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    Goodness me Sandy - not surprised you are fed up with it all, what a lot to cope with.

    I'm afraid I can't give any advise on the cushion but I hope someone with more experience will come along soon.
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    Hi, im not suprised you are fed up with it all.
    Welcome to the forum, I hope you meet some lovely people as i have who may give you some cushion ideas.

    Keep smiling :smile: