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My name is Elanor- been meaning to register and come onto this website for ages. My Mum registered when I was first diagnosed in 2009 but I kept forgetting/not wanting to!
Have finally got round to it- Mum will be pleased.
I am 23, married to my wonderful husband Johnny. He is brilliant at looking after me and supporting me. It will be good for both of us to get to know some people in a similar situation.


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    Hi there, Elanor. Good to meet you and I'm sure your Mum will be pleased. :lol: A supportive husband or partner is a great asset when you have any form of arthritis. I hope you'll feel free to join in anywhere. Most people are on living With Arthritis and Chit Chat. Why not join in there?
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    Hello Elanor, and welcome to the forum.
    will see you around im sure :smile:
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    Hi Elanor

    welcome to the forum from me :smile: Glad you finally took the plunge and joined us lot :wink: Hope you and your husband will find the forums as helpful as l have and look forward to seeing you posting.


    Toni xxx