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Hi everybody, I'm Logi. I know it's knid of a wierd name but that's what my parents named me. Anyway, speaking of my parents my mother has very bad arthritis and I just became her caretaker so I am coming on here to learn as much as I can about. I hope to meet some nice people :)


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    Hi Logi, we are a great bunch on here.
    I hope you get as much support as you need and find information from the site too.

    There are some pretty knowledgable people out ther who may well answer your questions.

    Do have a look at publications and resources at top of page as information is good.

    A carer needs to take good care of themselves, so please do and regards to your mum.
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    your poor mum it awfull having arther and to have to have some one acting as her carer must be so worrying for her, i do hope she manages to see the site and come and post for her self one of these days.
    i know you will do a great job helping her but remember she might still want some independance. if you talk to her and find out what help she wants and what she needs to do for her self good luck val
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    Hi Logi

    lovely to meet you - hope we can help answer any queries or issues you or your Mum have. She might have info to help us lot too :smile:


    Toni xx

    Ps Logi is quite a sweet name!