Work, Tiredness, Pains What help is Available??

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Hello there guys im 24 and i've a job in a factory,
I've informed my work of my Arthritis there 2 months ago and they notified the Occ Health Doc which i went to see there 2 weeks ago, They asked me which tablets i was on and i had to sign a letter so i could carry the tablets in the factory.
That was all they asked, :shock:

I've recently had my shoulders and knees injected which has'nt help a big lot and i've noticed my fitness has got worse i go to work at 8am finish at 4pm when i get home im very tired i used to do my job without any bother but it feels like its catching up on me now its getting to the point where im tired of being tired and im only 24 not 64. :oops:
Sorry for going on and on But heres afew Questions if anyone can help me with.

What would yous do in my situation?
Could the Occ Health Doc bring me back for further questions?
Am i in a position to shorting my work hours?
If so how do i begin to start?
Is there any other things i can do to help myself that i dont know about?


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    first what type of arther do you have?? does not sound like meds you are on are helping i know if you have been off long term they will bring you back on shorter hours to start then build them up does any one do part time hours where you work??? some one will be along who can help if not phone help lines or look at working with artheritis top of page might have some help val
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    Hi Val thanks for your reply

    I've rheumatoid arthritis hav'nt had much time off work just struggling my way through day by day
    Any time i've been going for my joint injections i've booked days off and use my holidays.
    I work in a food factory involves alot of lifting and walking very demanding.
    There is afew girls that are part-time workers because they have babys,

    Now that the Occ Health knows my tablets do you think they will be along to try help?
  • valval
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    first things first well done on managing full time i know how hard it is. the exhaustion is awfull the meds do take a while to kick in i am not sure about the law on all this you should contact c.a.b. they will be able to advise on the law and what your employers are suposed to do to help you it does not sound like they are looking out for you good luck val
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    I have RA to and have an ongoing battle with work!
    Firstly...OH should have informed your employer that as RA classes you as are covered under the law for ' reasonable adjustments' to help you stay in work...
    If folks can work parttime because of children , you should be able to for a disability...( if they say no take legal advice )
    Would some sort of chair help?...we dont have them in my job but i'm allowed a perching stool :P
    Any jobs that you can do which are easier for you?
    RA is mainly treated by drugs which in themselves can make you feel rough..I have recently gone on Enbrel which is brilliant and Im going back to work next have had to let me stay of whilst my drugs ' kick in'. This initself is a 'reasonable adjustment'...
    Book in to see the disability advisor at the job centre . They are really good and supported me...
    Good luck and let me know how you get on..... :smile:
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    Hi everyone, Iam a sufferer of OA and FMS, from early 30's. Since now turning 50 last year my illness has got worse, relapses nearly every month. I have recently cut down my hours, and do 4 full days (which in some sense dosnt really help - as I still work 9 hrs a day to get all work complete). Its stressful and I am tired of feeling ill all the time. I feel like throwing in the towel and wish I could afford to give up work!! But the sensible side tells me to carry on - as mortgage wont pay itself and I cant get insurance now to cover loss of employment due to illness - as Iam high risk!! I know iam going on a bit now, but it would be a relief to have someone to talk to, who understands the day to day pain and deliberating feelings this brings on both in body and mind. :?
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    Hi Karin,
    You really aren't alone, lots of folks here recognise how you feel and know the struggles.
    Like you I've reduced hours (3days per week teaching 5/6 yr olds) but still struggling-it's a constant juggling act just to keep going but never getting on top of anything.
    I'm talking to Occupational Health tomorrow to ask for their advice and find out if there are any ways of adjusting things to make it more bearable- maybe that's an avenue you could explore? Have you spoken to management about your RA-are they sympathetic and willing to help? Experience is worth so much in an organisation so it's perhaps worth asking the questions?

    Take care.
  • Decky
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    Hello there again everyone! :)

    I got another letter to see the Occ health doctor on the 14th.
    In the letter there is a questionnaire for me to fill in...
    It says on it the info which i give will assist my employer in assessing what reasonable adjustments are necessary to my duties or working environment.

    So what should i say should i say i've been feeling tired an sore its just i'm afraid to say to much because at the back of the questionnaire theres a results part for the Occ health to fill in,,,
    which has things like,
    Fit for designated post?
    Fit with adjustments as recommended?
    Unfit? :shock:

    Really need some pointers as what should i do?
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    I take it you are worried that they will try to get rid?.. :?
    Fill in truthfully but also add that you feel that once you have 'reasonable adjustments' it should help and thats what you want....
    You're workplace will have to see how you go on with these in place before they can consider finishing you under capability....
    Please dont panic....I have always found OH to be fair.....

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