could my daughter have athritis

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My daughter has severe dyxpraxia but for past year she has had severe pain in her legs and feet went to podiatrists who says it could fybromylagia gp has now done blood test first one came back with a high esr level and second one is the same l have since found out a high esr levels are a sign of inflammation her feet also swell up as the day goes on and she has really bad pain when walking and is very stiff in morning could this be arthritis any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Hi Lissy,

    Sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. You really need to get her to a rheumatologist to get her checked out properly. Arthritis is so different in each individual I wouldn't want to express an opinion on whether she has it. Some of the things you mention sound like our experience, but others don't at all.

    Please get her to an expert and let us know how you get on.

    Good luck,
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    the advice you have been give is right you need to see rhummy ask your doc for refural i am sure they will early treatment helps stop dammage good luck val