Hi All! Newbie here :)

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Hi All

Just joined today.
Bit of background: am 27 and from the North West. I was originally diagnosed with IBS in Sept 2010 following years of suffering. However, my fatigue and general feelings like I was carrying bones made of lead were always passed off as "you're depressed, take these pills."
Only when I saw a locum GP by chance in August was I finally taken seriously: that the fact of the matter was that yes, I was depressed - because my life revolved around going to work, coming home and having to go to bed for 3-4 hours just to function for the rest of the evening. And then to wake after 5, 6, 7 even 10 hours sleep and still not feel rested.
I was sent for full bloods which showed nothing, until she asked if I ever had pain in my joints.
Truth be told, I'd always had an ache of some sorts in my knees and feet but just shrugged it off as laziness etc. I was referred to a Rheumatologist who did a full examination and in November 2011 I was finally diagnosed. I was diagnosed with Seronegative RA, secondary fibromyalgia (18/18 pressure points active) and IBS.

So...there's the brief outline to my story. Am currently on a concoction of meds...hoping they start to ease my symptoms soon.

Nice to meet you all :)
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    Hi Tanglette

    l really like the name!!

    Weldome to the forums from me. l am so glad you have found us.

    Glad you have a diagnosis too...feel free to venture about the site and join in where you wish.


    Toni xxx